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Romney's $40.1 Million Haul In April Nearly Matches Obama's

In the first month since he effectively wrapped up the GOP presidential nomination, Romney and his party raised almost as much money as the president and the Democratic Party.

Biden Speech Part Of Coordinated Attack On Romney

With a speech in Ohio Wednesday, Vice President Biden kept up the drum beat criticizing Mitt Romney for his work as a venture capitalist. The GOP presidential hopeful casts his business experience as a prime asset.

White House Sandwiches Followed By Snark, Disappointment, Warnings

The descriptions of the White House lunch meeting from those on the opposing red and blue teams made it sound like yet another meeting featuring the nation's top policymakers that you could have accurately scripted beforehand.

Lugar's Last Race: Indiana Senator Doesn't Take Defeat Sitting Down

Sen. Dick Lugar has been running in the annual Capital Challenge charity race for three decades. After Lugar's defeat in the Indiana primary, Wednesday's race was the last for the 80-year-old. "I have been so fortunate to have these 31 great years in good health and spirits," he said.

Latino Voters: Seen, But Will They Be Heard, In 2012?

Now the fastest growing voting group, Latinos have never been so heavily courted in a presidential race. They could play a key role in battleground states in the 2012 elections.