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Obama's Off His Game — Basketball, That Is

Four years ago, then-candidate Barack Obama famously sank a 3-point shot. Today, the president was hitting iron — not net.

Romney Calls Negative Ad Cease-Fire As Santorum Tends To Sick Daughter

Mitt Romney's campaign asked broadcasters in Pennsylvania to stop running the campaign's anti-Rick Santorum ad as soon as possible. The move was made "out of deference to Sen. Santorum's decision to suspend his campaign," according to a Romney campaign spokeswoman.

Wisc. Stays In Play Even After Primaries

The presidential primary is over, but there are plenty of hotly contested elections still to come in Wisconsin this year. Chuck Quirmbach of Wisconsin Public Radio reports on the state's high profile among this year's political campaigns.

The Foreign Policy Advantage For Obama 2012

The Obama campaign is expected to start highlighting what they consider a long list of national security accomplishments. For more on the foreign policy angles to this election, host Rachel Martin speaks with Michael O'Hanlon, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution.

Warming Up For The GOP Veepstakes

One choice that's not necessarily around the corner, but is certainly taking up a lot of time in Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney's camp is the shortlist for potential running mates. That is, of course, IF he wins the nomination. Host Rachel Martin talks with Republican strategist Mark McKinnon about the possible strategies Romney may use.

Romney Rolls On As Santorum Sticks It Out

There's a question whether Rick Santorum will prolong his presidential campaign to finish in Pennsylvania later this month. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is moving in for the kill, buying $1.8 million of airtime in the state. NPR's Mara Liasson reports on the state of the GOP nominating campaign.