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It's All Politics, March 22, 2012

Mitt Romney has an impressive victory in Illinois, gets Jeb Bush's backing, revives the inevitability argument and then gets bogged down in an Etch A Sketch distraction. Plus: Illinois primary results, and Barbara Mikulski breaks a record. NPR's Ken Rudin and Ron Elving have this week's roundup.


Friday Political Grab Bag: Obama Picks Dartmouth President For World Bank...

Obama will nominate Dartmouth's president to head the World Bank... Friday is the second anniversary of Obama's signing the Affordable Care Act into law... Mitt Romney met Thursday with congressional Republicans to vow he would repeal the health law and say he was running to save the nation.


In Louisiana, Santorum And Gingrich Hope To 'Reset' GOP Race

Santorum is the favorite to win Saturday's Louisiana primary based on recent polling. Even with a win, it's hard to see how Santorum will gain much on Mitt Romney's delegate lead, since both are likely to receive some delegates.


GOP Hopefuls Court Louisianans Ahead Of Primary

Louisiana holds its Republican primary Saturday. All four of the remaining candidates are campaigning in the state.

Obama Returns To Oklahoma Talking Oil

President Obama visited Oklahoma for the first time since taking office and announced an executive order to speed up review of a U.S.-only portion of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. His announcement came as Republicans criticized his administration over rising gas prices.