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Santorum Seeks Some Reagan Jelly Belly Magic

On the same day that Santorum would be covering himself, figuratively, in Reagan's jelly beans, Romney was scheduled to announce his receipt of the endorsement of the pork-rind lover in chief, George H. W. Bush, the man who was Reagan's vice president and who became the 41st president.

Today On The Campaign Trail: George H.W. Bush To Endorse Romney

The former Massachusetts governor has now gotten the support of most of the Bush family. Former President George W. Bush, though, has not yet weighed in.

How Collapse Of Health-Care Law Could Help Democrats

The law known as "Obamacare," now in the hands of the Supreme Court, might have become anathema to all Republicans, but the ideas at its heart were meant to be a moderate, practical answer to the pressure for more government involvement.

Romney's Support For Ryan Budget Has Democrats Crying Foul

The Republican presidential candidate has hammered President Obama's health care law for cutting $500 billion out of Medicare. He has also endorsed Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan, which cuts the same amount out of the program.

White House Aide To Skeptical Journalists: No Contingency Plan On Health Law

The job of a White House press secretary is to stay on message no matter how disbelieving the journalists before you. Earnest did what he was paid to do despite the obvious skepticism of journalists to his assertions that the White House had no contingency plans in case the high court strikes down the health law or was pleased with the solicitor general's performance.

When Is It Time To End A Political Run?

Though he insists he's not suspending his run, GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich announced he's cutting his staff and shifting his campaign strategy. NPR's Ken Rudin and veteran campaign manager Chip Saltsman discuss the decisions candidates face when a win seems unlikely.

Gingrich Slashes Staff, Pins Hopes On GOP Delegates Turning To Him

The GOP presidential contender is mounting a "big-choice convention strategy" that banks on Mitt Romney not having enough delegates to be the nominee on the first ballot. Gingrich would then try to convince Republicans that he should be the nominee.