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Arizona Debate A Key Platform Before Primaries

The four remaining Republican candidates debate Wednesday night in Mesa, Ariz. Host Audie Cornish talks with Ted Robbins, who is in Arizona in advance of the state's Republican primary next Tuesday.

Pro-Obama SuperPAC Hits Romney On Auto Bailout

Priorities USA Action has unveiled a new ad in Michigan in advance of that state's GOP primary next week. It takes former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to task for opposing the auto industry bailout.

Then There Were ... Still Four: Buddy Roemer Leaves GOP Presidential Race

Former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer seems to have hit on how to get noticed in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination: drop out of the race. Or, more specifically, redouble his efforts by switching to the nascent "Americans Elect" movement while seeking the Reform Party nomination.

Previewing The High-Stakes Michigan Primary

Some analysts are calling the GOP primary in Michigan a do-or-die state for Mitt Romney, who grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and whose father was a popular governor in the state. NPR's Ken Rudin and NPR's Don Gonyea discuss the Michigan primary.

As Polls Tighten, Michigan Voters Weigh Importance Of Social Issues

Mitt Romney has cut deeply into the substantial lead Rick Santorum held earlier this month. Romney's campaign and superPAC are flooding the airwaves with attacks on Rick Santorum.

Presidential Hopefuls Blame Gas Prices On Obama

Gasoline prices are up nearly 20 cents from a month ago. High prices at the pumps could turn into a liability for President Obama — if Republicans have their way. The White House insists its policies are not to blame.