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Super Tuesday: 10 States Holding Nominating Contests

Republican presidential candidates have a chance to win hundreds of convention delegates after voters cast their ballots in Super Tuesday contests. The delegate count wouldn't be enough for any candidate to clinch the nomination, but it would help.

Obama Campaign Ramps Up Efforts Early In Virginia

While Republican candidates slug it out for their party's White House nomination, President Obama is getting a head start on the general election. His campaign is opening offices, lining up volunteers and identifying supporters in swing states, including Virginia, which holds its GOP primary Tuesday.

Romney's Wins Have Come With Negative Messages

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney hopes he can firm up his front-runner status in the 10 Super Tuesday nominating contests. But that status, an NPR analysis shows, has so far involved his campaign and a pro-Romney superPAC burying the opposition with negative messages.

On Super Tuesday Eve, All Eyes On The Buckeye State Prize

In a final day of campaigning before Super Tuesday, Republicans Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum focused on the economy in Ohio, the most sought after prize of the 10 states voting or caucusing. A week ago, Santorum had a substantial lead in Ohio polls; now he's in a statistical dead heat with Romney.

New Yorker Cover Puts New Twist On Old Romney Shaggy Dog Story

After the pummeling he's taken in recent weeks at the hands of Mitt Romney and the former Massachusetts governor's superpac allies, who could fault Rick Santorum if he felt like he was strapped to the top of vehicle for a 12-hour trip to Canada.

SuperPAC Ads Fill Airwaves On Eve Of Super Tuesday

The candidates are spending modestly, but the superPACs are out in full force in Ohio and elsewhere. They've already shelled out $12 million for ads — most of them negative — in Super Tuesday states.