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In Ohio, Kaptur Beats Kucinich; Schmidt Upset By Wenstrup

Kucinich's defeat represents the end of a remarkable political career, at least for the time being, which started when he was elected to the Cleveland City Council at age 23. He later became the youngest mayor of a major U.S. city when he was elected Cleveland's chief executive in 1977.

Ohio Exit-Poll Surprise: Romney Draws Low-Income, No-College Voters

Romney got 47 percent of voters 65 or over while Santorum got 31 percent of that vote. If Romney goes on to win the Ohio primary, it may be these older voters who gave him the critical edge.
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Romney Wins Virginia GOP Primary Amidst Low Turnout

As expected, Mitt Romney has been declared the winner of the GOP Presidential primary in Virginia, taking 59 percent of the votes in a contest that failed to generate much interest in the commonwealth.


As Advertisers Flee Limbaugh, Pro-Gingrich SuperPAC Buys More Time

Just as dozens of advertisers were abandoning Rush Limbaugh's radio show, a pro-Gingrich superPAC actually increased its ad buy on the program. Rick Tyler, a spokesman for Winning Our Future explained that Limbaugh's show reaches more of the primary voters the superPAC wants to reach than any other show.

Romney Captures Ohio, Super Tuesday's Big Prize

Mitt Romney won Super Tuesday's big prize of Ohio and five other states, but overall results were mixed, with Rick Santorum capturing three states and Newt Gingrich one. Romney won more delegates than Santorum but trailed among core GOP constituencies — Southerners and evangelicals.

Obama To Romney: 'Good Luck Tonight ... Really'

Asked about Romney charging he's the "most feckless" president since Carter, Obama smiled and wished the Republican presidential contender the best in today's Super Tuesday contests.

A Look At The Ohio Exit Polls

Voters headed to the polls in 10 states on Tuesday. Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center talks to Robert Siegel about the race in Ohio. He shares a picture of who turned out to vote — what issues were on their minds, as well as how conservative and religious they see themselves.