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First Woman To Moderate Fall Debate In 20 Years

We follow up with 16-year-old Emma Axelrod of Montclair, N.J. Two weeks ago Axelrod visited Washington, D.C., to deliver a petition with nearly 120,000 signatures to the Commission on Presidential Debates, asking them to select a woman to moderate at least one of the presidential debates. On Monday, the Commission announced that CNN's Candy Crowley will be the first woman in 20 years to lead one of the debates.

Obama Calls Out Paul Ryan Over Farm Bill In Iowa

President Obama began a three day bus tour of Iowa on Monday. He held up the stalled out farm bill as an example of uncompromising Republican congressional leaders and an appropriate role for the federal government.

Paul Ryan Makes Solo Campaign Debut In Iowa

Don Gonyea talks to Audie Cornish from the Iowa State Fair, where newly-minted GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan campaigned on Monday.

Romney's VP Pick Shakes Up Presidential Race

The selection of House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan to be the GOP vice president candidate shook up the presidential race over the weekend. Mara Liasson joins Audie Cornish to talk about the campaign.

Medicare A Hot Topic As Romney, Ryan Hit The Trail

Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan campaigned in different states on Monday. Ryan was in Iowa, where President Obama was also campaigning. Meanwhile, Romney was in the important battleground state of Florida. Some analysts believe that Ryan's budgets proposals — which make major changes to Medicare — could hurt the Romney/Ryan ticket in Florida, especially among older voters.

Will Paul Ryan Help Or Hurt The GOP Ticket?

Republicans and Democrats can agree on one thing about Mitt Romney's pick of Paul Ryan as his running mate: His selection refocused and reshaped the race for president. That may be all they agree on. NPR's Ron Elving discusses the range of reactions.