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Gingrich Uses Food Stamps To Criticize Rivals

Ever since Congress passed the Food Stamp Act nearly a half century ago, that federal hunger-relief program has periodically become a political target. Over the past decade, the nation's food stamp program has more than doubled in size. This year, the program has become a part of the presidential contest.

Rick Santorum Has Huge Night, Sweeping Three Republican Contests

The former Pennsylvania senator came out ahead in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado, dealing a sharp blow to GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney and potentially changing the momentum of the Republican presidential primary race.

Obama Changes Tone On SuperPACS, Endorses Own

As a candidate and as president, Barack Obama has disparaged the role of big money in politics. At his 2010 State of the Union address, he even called out the Supreme Court for a ruling that opened the door to unlimited personal and business contributions. But, faced with a Republican opposition that's raising millions from a handful of sources, President Obama let his fundraisers loose to play the game too.

White House: 'Ways To Resolve' Contraception Issue

GOP candidate Mitt Romney has joined those criticizing President Obama over a policy that would require most employers, including Catholic hospitals and universities, to include birth control in their employees' health insurance. The White House now says it will work to "allay" concerns.

South Carolina Sues Justice Department For Blocking Its Voter ID Law

South Carolina on Tuesday filed a federal lawsuit to overturn a Justice Department decision blocking the state's new photo identification requirement for voting. The state's attorney general says the law "will not disenfranchise any potential South Carolina voter."

Calif. Decision Puts Marriage Politics In Spotlight

Tuesday's ruling that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional could propel the issue of same-sex marriage to the U.S. Supreme Court. It could also make the composition of the high court into a potent election issue.