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State Of GOP Race: No Momentum For Candidates

Candidates win one round and then go on to lose the next. Plus, the delegate process has turned the GOP primary into a longer-than-expected campaign. In six days, there will be another set of contests when 10 states vote on Super Tuesday. Ohio is the biggest prize and the biggest test for Mitt Romney.

Evangelicals Still Cool On Romney, Exit Poll Analysis Shows

Evangelical voters remain divided on their support of GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Meanwhile, Rick Santorum receives strong support in some states from evangelicals, while losing a large number of nonevangelical voters.

Romney Says He Opposes Contraceptive Bill, But His Campaign Says Otherwise

The so-called Blunt bill would would allow employers to decline to provide contraception coverage to women. The candidate initially said, "I'm not for the bill," but a campaign spokewoman said he actually supports it.

Is Rick Santorum Missing JFK's Point On Religion?

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has said that John F. Kennedy's 1960 speech advocating strict separation of church and state almost made him throw up. But scholars say Kennedy's speech has to be taken in the context of a vastly different political climate — one that was hostile to Catholics.