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Does Obama Have A Messaging Problem?

Republicans have pounced on a comment by Newark, New Jersey mayor and Obama re-election surrogate Cory Booker. He called the Obama campaign's attacks on Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital "nauseating." Host Michel Martin discusses the art of messaging with former presidential speechwriter Mary Kate Cary, and journalism professor Cynthia Tucker.

Primary Protests: 4 In 10 Say No To Obama; 3 In 10 Say No To Romney

In both Democratic and Republican contests, some voters continue to register their unhappiness with the choices before them. The latest votes came Tuesday in Arkansas and Kentucky.

How A College Kid May Have Helped Pick A Congressman

Insurgent candidates won contested congressional GOP primaries in two states Tuesday. In a Kentucky district, the favorite for the fall prevailed thanks to some assistance from a wealthy 21-year-old benefactor.

Romney And GOP-Linked Committees Close Fundraising Gap

With the latest campaign dollar totals officially on the FEC books, at least one thing is certain: President Obama will not have the huge spending advantage this November that he did four years ago. What is less certain: whether some big political donors can remain anonymous.

Mitt Romney Vs. Rand Paul In 2016?

It increasingly looks like GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul and his passionate loyalists are consolidating clout in state party organizations with an eye toward 2016. They appear to be laying the groundwork for a future presidential run by the congressman's son, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

Under Obama, U.S. Govt. Spends At Lowest Rate In Decades, Says Journalist

Max Nutting, a journalist who writes for the MarketWatch website affiliated with The Wall Street Journal looked at the data and found that rhetoric and reality don't quite match up. Nutting found that, contrary to repeated allegations from the president's political foes, including Mitt Romney that Obama has been on a federal spending tear, he actually hasn't.

Voters Agree It's The Economy, But Split On Who Can Fix It

President Obama and his expected Republican challenger are tied on the all-important question of who can best deal with the ailing economy, according to a poll released Tuesday.