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It's All Politics, April 19, 2012

With pre-buttals, rebuttals and a "bracketing strategy" unleashed by GOP front-runner Mitt Romney targeting President Obama, the campaign trail is starting to resemble a made-for-TV debate tournament. And a trivia round: We invite you to guess the GOP V.P. pick.

In Ohio, Romney Points To Obama's Failed Promises

One day after President Obama delivered a speech on the U.S. economy in Lorain County, Ohio, Mitt Romney went there Thursday to respond to the president. Romney is chasing the president to accuse the incumbent of failing to live up to his campaign promises.

Working Moms' Challenges: Paid Leave, Child Care

The past week's political firestorm has focused on stay-at-home moms. But more than 70 percent of women with young children now work. And they're hoping the presidential candidates address some of the challenges they face balancing a job with kids.

Ann Romney Takes Center Stage In Tug Of War For Female Voters

President Obama, like Democrats before him, has an advantage with female voters. GOP rival Mitt Romney is trying to close that gender gap by using his most powerful and popular surrogate: his wife.

In A Closed Ohio Factory, Romney Reminds Voters, 'It's Still Empty'

GOP front-runner Mitt Romney is matching President Obama's appearance in the key swing state of Ohio while intensifying his rhetoric, attacking the president's record on the economy. And for the second day in a row, Romney is using his location on the campaign trail to convey a message.