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Pro-Romney Advocacy Group: 'Enormous Opportunity' In Western Swing States

As conservative advocacy groups ike Americans for Prosperity shuffle their ad dollars, they are focusing on key swing states like Colorado. Americans for Prosperity president Tim Phillips says states like Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico "haven't seen the results from the president's policies."

Bill Clinton, Obama's New 'Secretary Of Explaining Stuff,' Takes Show On Road

President Obama has joked that he should appoint former President Bill Clinton as his "Secretary of Explaining Stuff." That's basically the job Clinton is embracing on the campaign trail after playing the role at the Democratic convention.

Mitt Romney Addresses National Guard Convention

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney addressed the National Guard Association Convention in Reno, Nev., Tuesday, on the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. Romney has come in for criticism after giving an acceptance speech in Tampa last month that did not mention the war in Afghanistan.

Bill Clinton Stumps For Obama In Miami

After giving a speech that many consider one of the highlights of last week's Democratic convention, former President Bill Clinton hit the campaign trail Tuesday for President Obama, appearing at a university in Miami.

Yelp Reviewers Slice And Dice The Politics Of Pizza

In today's Internet age, even pizza is political. When a photo of a Florida pizza shop owner giving President Obama a bearhug went viral, so too did the backlash against his restaurant — in the form of Yelp reviews.

Obama, Romney Pull Campaign Ads On Sept. 11

President Obama marked the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks with visits to the Pentagon and Walter Reed on Tuesday. The attack 11 years ago fundamentally restricted the American debate on national security and foreign policy. Those issues traditionally advantaged Republicans, but they've proven to be real assets for the president.