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Obama Hits Reddit, Talks White House Beer Recipe, Crashes Servers

With Republicans dominating political news coverage from their national convention in Florida, President Obama took to the popular social news site Reddit Wednesday afternoon for a surprise Q-and-A with users.

Paul Ryan's Youthful, But Can He Get The Youth Vote?

At 42, Paul Ryan is the first member of a presidential ticket from Generation X. The GOP vice presidential candidate works out and likes the band Rage Against the Machine, but the jury's out on whether his relative youth gives him an advantage with younger voters.

Paul Ryan's RNC Speech The Biggest Of His Career

Tonight is Paul Ryan's night. The Vice Presidential nominee will address the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Mara Liasson joins Audie Cornish to talk about the candidate, his politics and policies.

In Iowa Ad War, It's Heartstrings Vs. Heartstrings

The TV ad war in a newly redrawn and hotly contested Iowa congressional district has begun, and it pits Republican Rep. Steve King's story of overcoming personal adversity against Democrat Christie Vilsack's story of ... overcoming personal adversity.

Some Gay Republicans See Platform Setback As Sign 'Victory Is Near'

Republicans have strong language opposing same-sex marriage in their official platform. While some Log Cabin Republicans are discouraged, others think the vehement opposition they are facing is a sign they're making progress.