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Ryan Takes His Workout On The Road

On the campaign trail in Pittsburgh this morning, NPR's Ari Shapiro stopped into the hotel gym for an early morning workout. The other person working out in the tiny fitness center had two things of note: an iPad app for the intense P90X exercise routine, and a Secret Service escort.

Update: Akin Vows Again To Stay In Missouri Senate Race

Under fire for his comments about rape and abortion, the Missouri Senate candidate is under pressure from his own party to drop out before the end of the day. His Democratic opponent is one of the few voices urging him to stay in.

In Wis. Swing County, Voters Criticize 'Handouts'

Many voters in Winnebago County feel that under President Obama, the government has tried to do too much. "I'm not a big fan of how big the government's gotten or how many people are living off the government now," says farmer Charlie Knigge.

Campaign Contribution Totals Reveal Complex Picture

Monday night was the deadline for reporting July's contributions and expenses for the presidential candidates and the superPACS supporting them. While GOP presidential challenger Mitt Romney widened his cash advantage over President Obama, other numbers give a more detailed picture of the race.

Missouri Voters Haven't All Abandoned Rep. Akin

It seems like the entire political world is focused on comments made by Missouri Rep. Todd Akin about "legitimate" rape, and whether it can cause pregnancy. Akin, who's the state's Republican U.S. Senate nominee, made the remarks in a weekend TV interview. Akin has said he won't pull out of the race.

GOP Leaders Encourage Akin To Quit Senate Race

Rep. Todd Akin is fighting to hold onto the GOP Senate nomination from Missouri. Party leaders are telling him to step aside. Akin has until late Monday afternoon to withdraw and allow party officials to name a replacement. Akin triggered criticism from both Republicans and Democrats after he told an interviewer that women rarely become pregnant after "a legitimate rape."

Issue Of Abortion Back In Spotlight In Swing States

An anti-abortion group has begun a swing-state bus tour meant to bring attention to President Obama's views on abortion. At the same time, the Obama campaign has launched a new TV ad — aimed at some of the same voters in some of the same states — criticizing Republican Mitt Romney on the issue.