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Love On Stage At The GOP Convention: Staffer Pops Question; She Says Yes

The Republican National Convention isn't only about politics, it seems. One young staffer used the stage this morning to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Photographers were on hand.

Is Clint Eastwood Going To Make Mitt Romney's Day?

There's still a "mystery speaker" on the schedule for Thursday night. A report that Dirty Harry is headed to Tampa has set off speculation that he'll be taking the stage.

GOP Platform Aims To Garner Female Votes

In her convention speech, Ann Romney talked about the role of women in America. Host Michel Martin caught up with Rep. Marsha Blackburn before the speech. Blackburn says the concerns of women voters were key in drafting the Republican platform. She co-chairs the GOP platform committee, and heads the Women's Policy Committee in the House.

Convention Lineup Aside, Minority Votes Still A Tough Sell For GOP

Mitt Romney's strategy for November relies on white working-class voters — perhaps too heavily, some analysts suggest, given the growing share of the electorate made up of nonwhites. It's an issue the party is trying to address at its convention, with a speaker lineup loaded with high-profile minority officeholders.