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GOP Has Big Hopes For Missouri Senate Race

Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill is facing a tough re-election fight. On Tuesday, Republicans will select their candidate to challenge her in the fall. All three major contenders are dyed-in-the-wool conservatives who have been battling in a wild and expensive race.

Virginia Garners Attention As New Battleground State

President Obama campaigns is campaigning in Ohio, Florida and Virginia. While Ohio and Florida are perennial battlegrounds, Virginia has emerged as one of this year's most important contests. Volunteers backing President Obama fanned out across the state over the weekend, looking to line up support.

Romney Adviser Defends Candidate's Statements About Palestinian Culture

A top foreign policy adviser to Mitt Romney on Wednesday defended statements the Republican presidential candidate made in Israel about Palestinian culture.

President Obama Goes After Romney's Tax Plan

President Obama campaigned in Ohio on Wednesday. He ripped into the tax proposals of his Republican rival Mitt Romney and said they would tax lower income people to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy. Ari Shapiro talks to Audie Cornish.

In Ohio, Obama Seeks Middle-Class Mantle Romney's Team Would Deny Him

Campaigning in Ohio, President Obama leaned heavily on a new analysis of Mitt Romney's economic plan that concluded the Republican's proposal would mean higher taxes for middle-class families while lowering them for the superwealthy.

Tea Party-Backed Cruz Gets GOP Nod In Texas

Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne report on the Texas Senate race. The Tea Party-backed candidate, Ted Cruz, secured the GOP nomination and is heavily favored to win in November.