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Fundraising By Text Message

The presidential campaigns have been raising money over the Internet for years. Now, under a new Federal Election Commission rule, they can accept donations right from cellphones.

Leaked Emails Show A Bipartisan Governor Romney

A batch of emails to and from Mitt Romney during his time as governor of Massachusetts, obtained by the Wall Street Journal, reveal a passionate fighter for health care for all, willing to work across the aisle to extend insurance to all his state's citizens. Today when Romney mentions health care, it's nearly always couched in criticism of President Obama's plan. Robert Siegel talks with Mark Maremont of the Wall Street Journal about Mitt Romney then and now.

GOP Slams Obama For Saying Private Sector's 'Doing Fine'

President Obama seemed blissfully oblivious during a news conference to the problems he caused himself Friday when he said that "The private sector is doing fine." Republicans pounced, accusing him of being out of touch, among other things.

President Turns To Fashionistas For Support

Host Michel Martin looks at the Paycheck Fairness Act, which was voted down this week. Disappointed supporters say the bill would have helped close the pay gap between genders. Plus President Obama enlists celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Vogue editor Anna Wintours. Martin speaks with columnists Mary Kate Cary and Connie Schultz.

It's All Politics, June 7, 2012

All the interpretations you ever wanted to hear about the Wisconsin recall results are in this week's podcast: what it means for labor, what it means for November, and, most importantly, what it means for your podcast hosts. Plus, a look at Tuesday's primaries. And what is Bill Clinton up to, anyway?

Will Economy Push Washington To Make A Deal?

President Obama is under pressure because of a slowdown in job growth. The Republicans say they're determined to prevent the Bush-era tax cuts from expiring in December. That could bring both sides back to the bargaining table.