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Justice Department Sues Florida As Voter Battle Intensifies

The department says Florida is violating federal law as it tries to remove noncitizens from its voter registration rolls. In turn, Florida officials say the federal government is partly to blame.

Where Are The Democratic Billionaires?

Democrats knew that they would be disadvantaged under the new campaign finance rules created by the Supreme Court. But the disparity between the amount of money Republicans can raise in unlimited anonymous donations and what the Democrats have been able to raise is huge.

Romney Puts Distance Between Him And Himself On Public-Worker Hiring

After boldly declaring last week that voters didn't want more teachers, police and firefighters, Mitt Romney shifted his stance Tuesday. In a Fox News appearance, he clearly was distancing himself from his statement of four days earlier.

Liberal Group Excitedly Eyes Millions Of Potential Latino Voters

The liberal Center for American Progress put some numbers on the potential power of the untapped Latino vote. The think tank found significant numbers of unregistered U.S. citizens of Latino background in many states, a pool that expanded greatly when they added the number of permanent Latino residents eligible for citizenship before Election Day.

The Fed's Tough Job Gets Harder In Election Year

With signs that the economy is slowing, the Federal Reserve may take steps to help boost growth. But with the election season gearing up, the Fed's ability to act boldly may be restrained. That's because the monetary policymakers want to preserve the Fed's credibility as a nonpartisan entity.

A Congressional Election In Arizona We All Wish Didn't Have To Take Place

Just as the Wisconsin recall election was portrayed as having national implications for November, many are saying that the message coming out of Tuesday's special election to replace Gabby Giffords goes far beyond Arizona.

Obama's Deportation Policies Have Failed, Immigrant Advocates Say

Even as President Obama hopes to win re-election with solid support from Latino voters, immigration advocates are lashing out at the administration's revised deportation policies. Critics say despite changes meant to slow deportations of undocumented immigrants who have obeyed laws since illegally entering the country, deportations continue apace.

In Giffords' District, It's Former Foe Vs. Former Aide

Tuesday's special election in Arizona will fill the House seat that Gabrielle Giffords is leaving. On one side is Giffords' opponent from 2010; on the other is her former top aide, who was also hurt in the shooting rampage that wounded the congresswoman and killed six others.