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Romney Campaign Borrowed $20M, Is $11M In Debt

The money was borrowed in August to pay for expenses before the Republican's presidential campaign can tap into general election dollars. The campaign collateralized the debt with $20 million of general election funds already in its bank account.

Romney Explains Comments Again As GOP Unearths Obama Video

The punching and counterpunching between the presidential campaigns over Mitt Romney's remarks about President Obama's supporters continued Tuesday. Romney and other Republicans tried to change the subject by citing a 1998 video in which Obama, then an Illinois legislator, talked positively about "redistribution."

Pa. High Court Orders Judge To Review Voter ID Law

Pennsylvania's highest court is returning the state's controversial voter ID law to a lower court judge who must decide whether it will disenfranchise some voters. The deadline for that decision is three weeks away.

'Mother Jones' Journalist: Video Not An Attempt To 'Catch Mitt Romney'

David Corn, the man behind the release of a surreptitiously shot fundraising video, tells NPR's Michel Martin that the source was stunned by the material he caught on camera.

Some Florida Seniors Divided On '47 Percent'

In politically important Florida, seniors react to Mitt Romney's take on the so-called "47 percent" and the Middle East.