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Romney Campaigns In Conservative Parts Of Colorado

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is in Houston Wednesday to address a convention of the NAACP. On Tuesday, he was in Colorado, one of the most hotly contested swing states. Romney, who unexpectedly lost to Rick Santorum in the Colorado caucuses earlier this year, is working to shore up support among the GOP base

Obama Tells Iowa Voters He'll Help The Middle Class

President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are hitting the campaign trail hard this week. On Tuesday, the president was campaigning in Iowa — the state that helped to launch his White House bid in 2008. He told supporters in Iowa he wants a second term in order to finish what he started.

Obama, Romney Take Dueling Messages On Tour

President Obama traveled to Iowa Tuesday to talk about his renewed push to extend the Bush era tax cuts for families earning under a quarter million dollars a year. And Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney held a rare town hall meeting in Grand Junction, Colo. Melissa Block talks to Scott Horsley who is on the road with Mister Obama, and Don Gonyea who is traveling with Romney.

Intriguing Opportunity, But Some Risk For Romney In Speech To NAACP

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's speech Wednesday at the NAACP convention in Houston comes at a precarious time for the nation's African-American community. The environment raises some opportunities for Romney as he challenges the nation's first black president.

Taxes, Jobs And Jabs: Obama And Romney Slug It Out In Swing States

President Obama is in Iowa pushing his plan to extend tax cuts to the middle class — but not the wealthiest Americans. Mitt Romney is in Colorado accusing Obama of outsourcing jobs. Both states are up for grabs this November.
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Super PACs And The 2012 Presidential Election

Super PACs supporting presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney are projected to outraise pro-Obama groups by about eight-to-one. How super PACs could decide this year's presidential election.


Romney Outraises Obama By $35 Million In June

For the second month in a row, Republican challenger Mitt Romney has raised more money than President Obama. That has the Obama campaign ringing alarm bells.