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Taxes, Jobs And Jabs: Obama And Romney Slug It Out In Swing States

President Obama is in Iowa pushing his plan to extend tax cuts to the middle class — but not the wealthiest Americans. Mitt Romney is in Colorado accusing Obama of outsourcing jobs. Both states are up for grabs this November.
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Super PACs And The 2012 Presidential Election

Super PACs supporting presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney are projected to outraise pro-Obama groups by about eight-to-one. How super PACs could decide this year's presidential election.


Romney Outraises Obama By $35 Million In June

For the second month in a row, Republican challenger Mitt Romney has raised more money than President Obama. That has the Obama campaign ringing alarm bells.

Bush Tax Cuts: The New Middle-Class Norm

Much of the political focus when discussing the Bush-era tax cuts is on the wealthy, but they're not the only ones who would be affected if the tax cuts are allowed to expire at the end of this year.

Democrats Say Anonymous Donors Unfairly Influencing Senate Races

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee says pro-Republican groups aren't playing by the rules. It plans to file a complaint accusing a trio of "social welfare" groups of abusing the rules to hide the identities of their donors.