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Can A Republican Win A Senate Seat In Blue Hawaii?

Surprisingly, some analysts are putting Hawaii's Senate race in the tossup column this year. Hawaii hasn't elected a Republican to the Senate since 1970. But with former Gov. Linda Lingle running, Republicans believe they have a chance. And whoever wins, the state will have its first female senator.

Attacks Move Foreign Policy To Center Of Campaign

The old adage that politics ends at the water's edge is out. Even before the State Department had confirmed the death of the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney issued a statement condemning the Obama administration.

Polls Show A Tight Race In Nevada

President Obama is scheduled to campaign in Colorado on Thursday, while late Wednesday, he visited another battleground state in the West — Nevada. Polls indicate the race is tight. That's partly because Republican candidate Mitt Romney and PACS supporting him are spending a lot to get their message across. Still, it may be tough to turn Nevada red.

In The Ohio River Valley, Voters Aren't Sure Either Candidate Can Help

Neither President Obama nor Mitt Romney seems to be winning the hearts of blue-collar voters in this part of the state. Economically, says one analyst, many residents here should be voting Democratic; but their social conservatism clouds the picture.

Obama's Post-Charlotte Bounce May Owe More To TV Ads Than Convention

A group of political scientists counted 40,974 ads on behalf of President Obama versus 17,779 for Mitt Romney during the two weeks of the political conventions.

Rove's Crossroads GPS Gets Explicit In Anti-Obama Air War

Crossroads GPS, an anti-Obama group co-founded by GOP political strategist Karl Rove, is shifting its ad strategy. It's going from so-called issue ads that purportedly educated voters on why the president was wrong on issues to directly urging for voters to vote against him.