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Ad Watch Rematch: 6 Swing States, 1 Half-Hour, 87 Political Ads

Since June, more than 915,000 presidential ads alone have aired on broadcast and cable TV. So what's it like to watch the local news in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio and Virginia?

Rape Comments Complicate But Don't End GOP Senate Takeover Chances

Republicans retain hopes for a Senate takeover, but comments about rape and abortion by candidates in Missouri and Indiana aren't helping. The GOP needs to gain four seats to control the Senate if President Obama wins; three seats if Republican Mitt Romney emerges the presidential victor on Nov. 6.
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What's Ahead For The Republican Party

In the wake of President Obama's victory, Republicans are questioning whether they're out of touch with an evolving American electorate. What's ahead for the GOP.


Decision Time: Why Do Some Leaders Leave A Mark?

Why do some leaders make little difference to organizations and countries while others turn out to be indispensable? Research suggests that what's key isn't personality or even the historical moment, but the organizational structure that produces the leader.
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Analysis: Early Voting Leads To Earlier Forecasts, More Targeted Campaigns

The growing number of people who vote before Election Day in the U.S. is changing the election — and campaign — landscape, according to researchers at George Mason Unversity's U.S. Elections Project. 


Women Seen As Key In N.H, Both As Voters And As Candidates

The Obama campaign is trying to link Republican Mitt Romney to controversial moves by the New Hampshire state Legislature on women's health. But Romney has a strong advocate in Sen. Kelly Ayotte in a state that could potentially have a female governor and an all-female congressional delegation next year.

Can A President Control Prices At The Pump?

Both candidates have been on their talking points about high gas prices. But Bloomberg Businessweek contributor Roben Farzad says there's only so much elected officials can do to control prices at the pump. He speaks with host Michel Martin as a part of NPR's "Solve This" series, looking at issues driving the election.