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'The Press Has Poisoned The Minds Of Our Voters': Unpacking Trump's Claims

Donald Trump has alleged that the presidential election is rigged because, in part, the news media have "poisoned" the minds of voters. We take a closer look at the claim.

Clinton Supporters Worry About GOP Opposition If She's Elected President

Hillary Clinton's strong position in the presidential contest is reassuring to many of her supporters. But if she's elected, many of them worry about if she'll encounter opposition — in Congress and out of the country.

Donald Trump Says He'll Accept The Results Of The Election ... If He Wins

Trump made headlines at the final debate when he refused to say he'd accept the results of the election. He says it would be unfair to ask him to accept the results of the November election now.

Did Trump TV Launch Last Night?

Donald Trump's campaign ran its own broadcast of the presidential debate Wednesday night. Many saw it as the first incarnation of a rumored Trump cable news channel.
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Analysis Of The Third Clinton-Trump Debate

With just weeks left before the general election, candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in Las Vegas. Analysis of the third and final presidential debate.


VP Candidate Kaine: Trump Is 'Attacking Central Pillar Of Our Democracy'

Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine talks with Steve Inskeep about Wednesday's presidential debate, including Donald Trump's comments on the election outcome, Russia and the Clinton and Trump foundations.

Fact-Checking Trump's Statements On 'Partial-Birth' Abortion

In the final debate, Trump said he supports the federal ban on "partial-birth" abortion because it can happen "as late as one or two or three or four days prior to birth." That is not at all likely.

Trump's Attempt To Refocus Campaign Gets Obscured By One Blinding Final Debate Moment

Donald Trump refused to say he would honor election results and was unsuccessful in changing the narrative that is enveloping his campaign. Hillary Clinton fired as many taunts as Trump landed blows.

Fact Check And Full Transcript Of The Final 2016 Presidential Debate

Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debated Wednesday night in Las Vegas — the final time before the November election. More than 20 journalists across NPR fact checked their comments.

WATCH: Trump Won't Commit To Accepting Election Results In Final Debate

The candidates dived into policy in the third presidential debate. But the most memorable moment was when the GOP nominee refused to pledge that he will accept the verdict of Election Day.