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Turnout Surprisingly Light In Arlington Special Election

Arlington Registrar Linda Lindberg says turnout this morning at the polls was very light, an indication that the number of people voting today may end up being smaller than expected.
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El Salvador's New President

As Salvadorans choose between two candidates in a presidential runoff election, we explore the challenges the victor will face, including gangs, drugs and poverty.

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A New Poll On The District's Mayoral Race

A new WAMU 88.5/NBC 4 poll reveals what's on voters minds as the mayoral race in the District heads into its final stretch.

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Ukraine's Political Crisis

Ukraine's political crisis entered a new phase over the weekend as embattled President Viktor Yanukovych fled the capital and Parliament named its speaker as interim head of state, with plans to form a temporary government this week.


San Diego Voters Elect Republican Mayor To Fill Filner's Term

The special election was held after Democratic Mayor Bob Filner resigned. He was accused by multiple women of sexual harassment.
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Lawsuit Challenges Maryland Elections Board Fundraising Ruling On Brown-Ulman Ticket

A Maryland attorney seeks to overturn a state elections board ruling that allows a candidate for lieutenant governor to fundraise during the state's upcoming legislative session.
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Mizeur To Announce Running Mate, Showing She's In For The Long Run

Montgomery County Delegate and Maryland gubernatorial contender Heather Mizeur is set to announce her running mate Wednesday.
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Pantelides Elected Mayor Of Annapolis

Republican challenger Mike Pantelides won the Annapolis mayoral election after a count of provisional and absentee ballots Friday night.
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Evolving American Attitudes On Same-Sex Marriage

A public rift in the Cheney family highlights the ongoing debate and controversy over the rights of gays and lesbians to marry. Diane and her guests explore evolving American attitudes on same-sex marriage.

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Analysis: Mikulski Supports Clinton In 2016 Presidential Run

David Hawkings talks about the latest behind the health care exchanges and Sen. Barbara Mikulski's public support in Hilary Clinton running for president.