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Virginia Elections Attract Little Voter Interest, But Plenty Of Cash

Some two-thirds of Virginia voters aren't paying attention to the upcoming election for the General Assembly, but plenty of businesses, developers and lobbyists certainly are.

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For O'Malley And Webb, A Chance To Raise Low Profiles In Democratic Debate

The former Maryland governor and former Virginia senator take the state tonight in Las Vegas with designs on drawing as much attention as possible away from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

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A Divided Republican Party And The Race For House Speaker

The withdrawal of the leading candidate for speaker of the House highlights major divisions in the Republican Party. We examine what's next for GOP leadership, and how the turmoil will impact critical budget deadlines and the 2016 elections.

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Friday News Roundup - International

E.U. nations disagree over the latest plan to resettle migrants. China's President Xi Jinping arrives in the U.S. for a state visit. And the German government comes under fire over the Volkswagen emissions scandal. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.


On 'Late Show,' The Spotlight Was Just Out Of Reach For Jeb Bush

The GOP candidate was friendly and warm, but he wasn't energizing, or even the center of attention. At one point Colbert riffed: "Oh, you were so close to getting [the audience] to clap!"
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The Influence Of The Latino Vote in 2016

In 2016, an estimated 13.1 million Latino voters are expected to cast a ballot. We look at the growing influence of the Latino vote and who makes up this demographic.

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The Voting Rights Act, Changing Laws And 2016

The upcoming 2016 election will mark the first presidential election since the Supreme Court struck down parts of the Voting Rights Act. We look at new voting laws, court challenges and a call from President Barack Obama to restore all provisions of the Act.

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Preview Of The First Republican Presidential Debate

As 10 Republican presidential candidates gather in Cleveland for the first official GOP debate, we look at the questions they’ll face, outlook for candidates who didn’t make the prime-time lineup and the campaign ahead.

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The U.S. And Five Other World Powers Reach A Nuclear Agreement With Iran

The U.S. and five other world powers reached an agreement with Iran to lift international oil and financial sanctions in exchange for limits on Iran’s nuclear production capability. A look at what's in the pact and how Congress will respond.

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The 2016 Presidential Race: A Conversation With Democratic Candidate And Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb

Former Sen. Jim Webb (D-Virginia) talks with us about the future of the Democratic Party and his bid to be the 2016 Democratic nominee.