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What Clinched It For Obama? Two-Way Readers Have Many Answers

The reasons include a stronger economy and a better-run campaign, readers say. Many also say Republicans just didn't have the right message. And, some argue, the news media favored the president.

In Hindsight, Those Presidential Polls Looked Just Fine

Election night results fell within the margin of error for many of the best-known national polls, including several that had faced regular criticism during the election season.

'Drunk Nate Silver' Parody Wakes Up After Real Nate Silver's Big Score

"Just saw @karlrove in a bar. Aaawwkward," tweets the fake homage to the blogger who nailed the Obama-Romney race tweets. Being hailed as Election Night's second biggest winner continues to bring attention to the FiveThirtyEight.com guru.

VIDEO: Obama Tears Up As He Thanks Campaign Staff

"What you guys have done means the work that I'm doing is important. I'm really proud of that. I'm really proud of all of you," the president says just before a tear comes down his right cheek. It's a rare public show of emotion from "no-drama Obama."

Voters In Swing Counties Revisit Election Issues

Now that the election is over, Morning Edition is getting back in touch with some voters we met over the summer in swing counties in Florida, Wisconsin and Colorado.

Romney Campaign Needed 'Conservative Issues'

Steve Inskeep talks to conservative activist Richard Viguerie about why he thinks Governor Romney lost his bid for the White House. Viguerie says Romney should have campaigned on the Republican Party's platform.