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In New Hampshire, Marco Rubio Looks To Capture Mainstream Republicans

With a third place finish in Iowa, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is looking to coalesce mainstream Republican support in New Hampshire. But his rivals in that lane of the GOP race are doing a lot to stop him.

Week In Politics: Iowa Caucus, New Hampshire Primary

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with our regular political commentators E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post and Brookings Institution and David Brooks of The New York Times about the Iowa caucuses and the upcoming New Hampshire primary.

As Presidential Primaries Begin, Late Night TV Boosts Political Satire

Larry David will host Saturday Night Live this weekend, and viewers can expect his impression of presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. NPR looks at late night's take on the campaign.

'Boy In The Bubble': Marco Rubio Taking Punches From All Corners In N.H.

"When everyone's attacking you, you must be doing something right," Rubio told reporters in Manchester this week.

Hillary Clinton's Emails: 5 Questions Answered

Clinton's use of a private email server has become an issue in her presidential bid. Here's what we know about the FBI's investigation, whether she could be charged with a crime and what happens next.

Democrats Debate: What Is A Progressive And Who Wants To Be One?

The term has also been used to cover certain ideas, attitudes, movements and schools of thought. It has been affixed to leading American politicians, in both major parties, including Teddy Roosevelt.

Barbara Bush Hits The Trail For Son Jeb Bush

Embracing his family's famous name, the Republican presidential candidate makes a campaign stop in New Hampshire with his mother, the former first lady. "He's decent and honest," she says.

The 5th Democratic Debate In 100 Words (And A Video)

It was the first mano-a-mano encounter of the campaign, which means there was enough room for semantic arguments and serious debate.

Heading Into New Hampshire, GOP 'Front-Runners' Are Anything But

Republican establishment choice Jeb Bush was once the candidate to beat. No more: The success of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio in the Iowa caucuses puts new pressure on the party mainstream.
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Technical Problems Cause Maryland To Ditch Voting Machines For April Primary

April's primary election in Maryland features several high-profile races, but the long list of candidates is creating a problem for the state's new voting machines.