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School Enrollment Up In Virginia, Straining Resources

There are more students packed into Virginia public schools than ever, even as school budgets have been frozen in place, leaving administrators scrambling to plug the gaps.

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Virginia Lawmakers Encourage Teachers To Use Digital Media In Classrooms

As Virginia lawmakers continue to find ways to improve schools in their state, they encourage educators to think outside the textbook.

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University Of Virginia Faculty Questions President's Dismissal

Academic leaders want more information about the dismissal of President Teresa Sullivan, according to the Associated Press.
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Accusations And Counter-Accusations At Alexandria Schools

Alexandria school superintendent Morton Sherman is fighting to keep his job in the wake of a scathing auditor's report, after the vice mayor called for his resignation.

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Study: Virginia School Discipline Too Harsh

Disciplinary procedures in Virginia schools are causing more problems than they solve, particularly for special needs and African-American students, according to a study.

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Va. Council: Private University Students Need Help


The Va. Council of Education voted to increase funding for a program that provides aids to students at private universities.

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A New Day At Virginia's Largest High School

Administrators at Virginia's largest high school are working to change public perceptions, after T.C. Williams High was designated a persistently lowest achieving school last year.

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Va. Public Sports May Soon Extend To Home-Schooled Students

A Virginia educational panel is considering legislation that would give home-schooled students access to public sports.