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Association Helps Schools Navigate Transgender Bathroom Guidelines

Mary Louise Kelly talks to Francisco Negron of the National School Boards Association, about how local school districts are handling the new federal guidance on transgender students.

Breaking The Cycle Of Sexual Abuse Of Students By Prep School Teachers

In New England, many boarding school staff accused of sexual misconduct quietly left and then moved on to other schools, according to The Boston Globe. Now states are trying to stop the practice.
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Opportunity To Earn Money Creates A Harsh Cycle For Many Immigrant Children

Some unaccompanied immigrant children have been exploited by traffickers, but many are forced to work simply because no one else is able to support them. Armando Trull talks to youths who are trying to overcome pressures of high school and nearly full-time employment.


For Mass. High School Students, New Transgender Rules Are The Old Normal

Public schools in Massachusetts aren't rushing to comply with President Obama's instructions for bathrooms and transgender students — the state has had that rule on the books for nearly 5 years.

The 'Intolerable' Fight Over School Money

Congress and the Education Department are fighting over how to prove that federal dollars for at-risk students aren't being misused at the local level.

After 50-Year Legal Struggle, Mississippi School District Ordered To Desegregate

The town of Cleveland is divided by a railroad track — and its schools are divided by race. For 50 years, the district has said it will fix the problem; a judge says the schools will have to merge.

Who Will Fix The Texas School Funding System?

Texas Supreme Court justices ruled the school funding system constitutional, and they aren't requiring any legislative changes. But they also said the state's 5 million schoolchildren deserve better.

A First: Pell Grants For High School Students Who Take College Classes

The Obama administration announces an ambitious experiment to promote "dual enrollment" in high school and college.

Obama Guidelines To Protect Transgender Students Are 'Life Changing'

The administration ordered schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identity. Mary Louise Kelly talks to Debi Jackson, mother of Avery, 8, who is transgender.

Obama Delivers Commencement Speech At Rutgers University

Obama gave one of his last graduation speeches as a sitting president at Rutgers University Sunday. He was persuaded to come after receiving letters from the student body president's grandmother.