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Is Teacher Tenure Really The New Brown V. Board Of Education?

A California judge ruled that the state's teacher tenure laws are unconstitutional because they disproportionately affect poor and/or minority students. Education Week's Stephen Sawchuk explains.

President's Student Loan Action Might Be Too Little, Too Late

President Obama signed an order that will cap student loan repayments at 10 percent of income for millions of borrowers. Georgetown University's Anthony Carnevale discusses whether it will help.
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Controversial 'Choice Sets' Removed From Revised D.C. School Boundary Proposals

A controversial proposal to replace by-right access to neighborhood schools with a "choice set" of a few nearby schools accessible by lottery has been excised from a revised set of proposed changes to D.C. school boundary and feeder patterns set to be released today.

Va. Students Abuzz As Star Professors Become Political Rivals

With Dave Brat's defeat of Rep. Eric Cantor, a tiny Virginia college fell into the political spotlight. Both Brat and his new opponent, Democrat Jack Trammell, teach at Randolph-Macon.

At The Head Of Her Class, And Homeless

Rashema Melson is the valedictorian of Anacostia High School in Washington, D.C. She's always excelled at her homework — but for the past six years, she hasn't had a home to do that work in.


A High School Band Where Everyone's Voice Can Be Heard

One music teacher has used tablets to change life for students at a New York school. The members of the school's orchestra have learning disabilities. For some, the band has opened up their world.

Bill To Allow Refinancing Of Student Loans Dies In Senate

The bill was shot down days after President Obama urged Congress to help ease the burden of student loan debt. It would have required a higher tax on the wealthy.

Do You Want The Truth, Or Do You Just Like Your Story Better?

In her "Can I Just Tell You" essay, host Michel Martin warns against letting an assumed narrative overtake the facts of a story.

'Washington Post' Op-Ed Tone Deaf On View Of Sexual Assault?

The Beauty Shop ladies continue their discussion of this week's hot news by debating George Will's controversial opinion piece that questions the validity of sexual assault claims on campus.

iPads Allow Kids With Challenges To Play In High School Band

On the surface, the PS 177 Technology Band looks like a typical high school orchestra. But there are two big differences.