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How 'Professor Godzilla' Learned To Roar

Hendrix College's new president is an Ivy League economist who's better known for his obsession with a certain giant lizard.
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Beating The Odds: From Undocumented Newcomer To High School Valedictorian

Mongolian immigrant Enkhjin Tuvshinzaya has come a long way since moving to the U.S. without any English or education; today, she's the valedictorian for her high school class.


Giving Boys A Bigger Emotional Tool Box

Boys are suspended — and drop out — at higher rates than girls. An Oakland, Calif., educator is trying to change that.

What Kids Can Learn From A Water Balloon Fight

Rough-and-tumble play is a vital part of growing up ... and a really fun part of parenting.

To 'Immunize' Kids Against Illiteracy, Break Out A Book In Infancy

The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that parents begin reading to their children early, even to newborns. Professor Susan Neuman, an expert on early literacy development, explains.

A 'Major Shift' In Oversight Of Special Education

Education Secretary Arne Duncan announces new measures for ensuring that students with disabilities are making progress.

New Approaches To Discipline Strive To Keep Kids Out Of Jail

Teen courts and restorative justice are focused on cutting off the "school-to-prison pipeline."
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New Study Paints Bleak Portrait Of Langley Park Youth

The study finds that a majority of the children who live in Langley Park are at risk of not completing their high school education.

Using A 3-D Version Of Rodin's Hands To Understand Anatomy

Dr. James Chang of Stanford University uses hands sculpted by Rodin, together with 3-D technology, to create an experience of augmented reality for his students and surgery trainees.

Be A Varsity Player ... In Video Games?

A private university elects to make a popular video game into an official varsity sport. Marketing ploy or sign of the future?