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Without Janitors, Students Are In Charge Of Keeping School Shipshape

In Japan, many schools don't employ janitors. Instead, they ask the students to pitch in with the daily upkeep. Some U.S. schools are doing the same.

Proposals To Diversify NYC's Top High Schools Would Do Little To Help, Study Finds

One of New York City's thorniest political issues is over how to make its elite high schools more representative. A new study says that many popular proposals won't help diversity — and might hurt it.

The Value Of Wild, Risky Play: Fire, Mud, Hammers And Nails

A new short documentary on an adventure playground in Wales explores "the nature of play, risk and hazard."

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One Teacher's Journey Through The Challenges Of A High-Risk School

We'll hear from a high-achieving DCPS teacher who says she's struggling with burnout after eight years on the job.


Why Babies Love (And Learn From) Magic Tricks

A new study in the journal Science explores the power of surprise to motivate infant learning.

11 Ex-Atlanta Public School Employees Found Guilty In Cheating Scandal

They were found guilty of conspiracy when they switched student test scores. The verdicts close a dark chapter for the school system and the city of Atlanta. One defendant, a teacher, was acquitted.
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University Of Virginia Announces New Sexual Misconduct Policy

With no fanfare, the University of Virginia has announced a new sexual misconduct policy, prompted by a federal investigation.

Verdict Reached In Atlanta School Cheating Case

Eleven of 12 former public school employees in Atlanta were found guilty Wednesday in one of the biggest cheating scandals in American education.

11 Former Atlanta Public School Employees Found Guilty In Cheating Scandal

All but one of the 12 educators charged with racketeering were found guilty by a Georgia jury. The scandal involved dozens of schools and dozens of teachers who had previously taken plea deals.

The Opposite Of The Dean's List

The Education Department says it's keeping a close eye on 556 colleges and universities that do a poor job of complying with federal regulations and handling federal financial aid.