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Glossary: Marbles Edition

Everything you need to know to talk like a mibster.

Many Women Leave Engineering, Blame The Work Culture

From the aerospace sector to Silicon Valley, engineering has a retention problem: Close to 40 percent of women with engineering degrees either leave the profession or never enter the field.

What Robin Williams Taught Us About Teaching

Is a teacher someone who has all the answers or someone who helps us find them?

New Orleans Charters Prepare For A Big First Day Of School

The start to the school year in New Orleans offers a landmark moment in U.S. education. For the first time, a major urban school district will operate entirely with charter schools.

When Applying For Federal Aid, 'Cross Your Fingers And Hope'

Students are taking out loans with little understanding of the consequences. The bewildering federal aid process doesn't help.

Putting Power Tools In The Hands Of 5-Year-Olds

To move kids away from computer screens, a new wave of learning programs is emphasizing hands-on activities. Like building stuff.

At 73, Man Finally Gets Diploma Denied For Defying Segregation

An Illinois high school banned Alva Earley from graduating in 1959 after he attended a picnic in a park off-limits to blacks. This weekend, the school district corrected that injustice.

'Building A Better Teacher': Dissecting America's Education Culture

Author Elizabeth Green argues that effective teaching is a craft, not a skill teachers have naturally. She says teachers need more mentorship — not just more mandates.

Should Kids Get A Trophy For Showing Up?

NPR Ed takes on the question that has long divided parents and experts alike.

NCAA Loses Court Ruling In Athletes' Antitrust Case

A federal judge sided with college football and basketball players who say they're being used to help sell video games, TV broadcasts, and other content without being paid.