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The Power Of The Peer Group In Preventing Campus Rape

A small percentage of college students commit most of the rapes on campus. Research suggests that the attitudes of male friends can either lead men to commit rape or stop them.

Why The Atlanta Testing Scandal Matters

The pressure placed on schools and educators by high-stakes tests can lead to unintended consequences.

Helping Students Make Sense Of A Young Black Man's Death In Missouri

The shooting of Michael Brown may raise questions for students, and teachers need to be prepared.

The NPR Ed Mailbag: The Participation Trophy

Is it "killing our sense of competition" or "simply something to commemorate their time as part of a team"? Here are some of your many responses to our story on giving kids awards for participating.

Forget The Bake Sale: Some Of School's Funds Come From Bars And Brothels

Schools across the U.S. are preparing for students' return by looking for ways to supplement budgets. One Nevada school district is turning to unlikely sources of funding: liquor and prostitution.

Smartphone Apps Help To Battle Campus Sexual Assaults

Several new smartphone apps offer quick ways for college students facing dangerous or uncomfortable situations to reach out to friends, connect with resources on campus or call the police.

How Campus Sexual Assaults Came To Command New Attention

In just a few years, the issue has gone from mostly whispers to receiving the attention of the White House. Now, colleges throughout the country are trying to increase awareness about the issue.

Glossary: Marbles Edition

Everything you need to know to talk like a mibster.

Many Women Leave Engineering, Blame The Work Culture

From the aerospace sector to Silicon Valley, engineering has a retention problem: Close to 40 percent of women with engineering degrees either leave the profession or never enter the field.

What Robin Williams Taught Us About Teaching

Is a teacher someone who has all the answers or someone who helps us find them?