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Howard University Athlete Killed In North Texas

Football player Terrence Neal Tusan was one of two people killed at an apartment complex during a robbery attempt, authorities said.


What Would Jesus Drink? A Class Exploring Ancient Wines Asks

The details of wine and winemaking practices in biblical times are debated among experts. But we do know that vino in Christ's day was very different from what we imbibe today.

Where Ebola Has Closed Schools, A Radio Program Provides A Faint Signal Of Hope

1.5 million children are out of school in Liberia. It's possible kids may not return to class until spring.

Will The Taliban Attack Make Parents Afraid To Send Kids To School?

As horrifying as it was, the massacre will not cause parents to pull their kids out, says Madiha Afzal, a professor of public policy who grew up in Lahore.

Teacher Wins $150,000 Prize — And Donates It All To Her School

Nikki Bollerman recently won a contest that gave books to her students. The third-grade teacher, 26, decided the cash that came with it should also go to her school.

An Update On For-Profit Colleges

New regulations and new complaints for a troubled sector; a new owner for a troubled college.
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Researchers Work to Better Understand the Brains of Deaf Language Learners

In the first known study of its kind, researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center and Gallaudet University have shown that the language we learn as children affects brain structure, as does hearing status.


Conquering Anatomy On The Way To A Stable Career

In September, we profiled a hard-to-pass but popular class at community colleges: anatomy 1, required for a nursing degree. We check back in with Jonathan Harned, who wasn't sure he could pass.

An Update From New Orleans

Charter schools, special education, and new preschool funding are among changes for New Orleans schools.

Groups Warn Of Dangers With Funding Of Universities By Koch Brothers

In addition to famously subsidizing political campaigns, the Koch brothers also pour millions a year into think tanks and universities. Some warn that the funding can come with conditions that threaten academic freedom.