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#NPRYouthVote: Will Young Voters Lead Or Lag In 2016?

One year ahead of the 2016 elections, Michel Martin speaks with young voters in Iowa about the issues that matter to them, and whether candidates are using the right tools to reach them.

Behind The Shortage Of Special Ed Teachers: Long Hours, Crushing Paperwork

It is getting harder and harder for administrators to find quality special education teachers. That means student needs (and federal laws) are not being met.

Missouri Football Players Demand University President's Ouster

Amid escalating protests over complaints of racial bigotry at the University of Missouri, the school's football team says it won't play until the university president resigns or is replaced.

Mizzou Football Players Pledge A Strike, Citing Systemic Racism

University of Missouri football players have pledged to go on strike until university President Tim Wolfe resigns for the way he has handled a string of racially charged incidents.

More Universities Move To Include Gender-Neutral Pronouns

More colleges are expanding gender options for transgender and non-binary students. One leader in LGBTQ student life at Harvard discusses the update to the college's applications.

Class Clown Or Gifted Student? It's A Matter Of Perspective

The class jokester is often a teacher's greatest nemesis. What if instead of seeing them as a nuisance, a teacher saw them as gifted?
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Coalition Renews Argument For Closing Montgomery County Schools On Muslim Holiday

In 2014, Montgomery County schools removed all religious references to holidays on the official calendar, in response to controversy. Officials hoped the compromise would end the dispute. It didn't.

Confused Over How To Save For College? Here Are Answers

For the vast majority of people, says one expert, it's good to save in a 529 plan. And no, saving money in one of those plans doesn't mean you'll pay a lot more for college tuition.

A Peek Inside: What Kids Saw On A Common Core Test

One of the two state consortia behind new, Common Core-aligned tests has released questions from its spring assessments.

App Allows Shy Students To Ask Questions Anonymously

Close to a million college kids use Piazza. Pooja Sankar, the apps' creator, says her company can't solve all the problems for women in computer science but she hopes it's making a difference.