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Halloween Costume Emails Stokes Debate At Yale

Yale University is in turmoil after a series of emails about culturally insensitive Halloween costumes. Some students there are protesting what they say is a hostile environment for students of color.

University Of Missouri President Resigns After Protests

Tim Wolfe resigned Monday morning following mounting pressure over racial animosity on campus. The protests included a hunger strike and a boycott by some of the school's football players.

Roundup: Thoughts On The Mizzou Protests And President Tim Wolfe's Resignation

After student protests, a hunger strike and a players' strike over racist incidents on campus, University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe agreed to step down.

A Galaxy Far, Far Away — Right There On The Ceiling

Our Tools of the Trade series examines the planetarium: a relic of the Space Age that's still found in more than 700 schools around the country.
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Race, Leadership And Unrest At The University Of Missouri

The president at the University of Missouri announced plans to step down today, after a series of racial incidents at the school brought his leadership into question. Diversity consultant Howard Ross joins Kojo to explore what's fueling the debate and what it reveals about power on college campuses in America.


Ferguson In The Classroom: How One College Took Up Race And Policing This Semester

College students around the country are lining up to take classes like a new one at NYU called "Black Lives Matter: Race, Resistance, and Popular Protest."

Amid Controversy, University Of Missouri System President Resigns

Some on the football team had said they would not play until Tim Wolfe resigned. Another student began a hunger strike.

Missouri Faculty Plan Walkout In Support Of Student Activists

The teachers said they want to stand in solidarity with the Mizzou student activists who are demanding racial justice on campus. The news comes a day after some football players joined the cause.

#NPRYouthVote: Will Young Voters Lead Or Lag In 2016?

One year ahead of the 2016 elections, Michel Martin speaks with young voters in Iowa about the issues that matter to them, and whether candidates are using the right tools to reach them.

Behind The Shortage Of Special Ed Teachers: Long Hours, Crushing Paperwork

It is getting harder and harder for administrators to find quality special education teachers. That means student needs (and federal laws) are not being met.