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When A Budget Motel Is 'Home,' There's Little Room For Childhood

In San Bernardino County, nearly one-tenth of public school students are homeless. For many, that means living in rundown motels — and coping with troubling conditions long before they get to class.

Models For Failure: The Staggering Figures Behind Some Troubled Schools

Tampa Bay Times reporters Michael LaForgia and Cara Fitzpatrick speak with NPR's Tess Vigeland about their yearlong investigation into five of Florida's worst-performing schools.

New Orleans Schools, 10 Years After Katrina: Beacon Or Warning?

The system has shown the largest, fastest improvement of any district in the nation, and yet it still ranks second from the bottom in the state.

'Sesame Street' Heads To HBO. Is It A Win-Win For Kids?

Will the deal with HBO mean Elmo and Big Bird reach fewer low-income children ... or more?

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Reimagining College Park

University of Maryland President Wallace Loh is leading an effort to transform College Park and boost its appeal. He joins Kojo and architect Roger Lewis to talk about his vision for a renovated college town.


5 Big Ideas That Don't Work In Education

A famous researcher slams popular ideas in a controversial new paper.

Research Biologist Coins Term 'Kilo-Author' For Scientific Journal Articles

NPR's Robert Siegel interviews Zen Faulkes of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley about the term, which describes the trend of adding more names as contributors to science journal articles.

Curbing Sexual Assault Becomes Big Business On Campus

It was once a tiny niche market, but it's now an exploding industry as schools look to comply with new rules that require them to offer programs to raise awareness and lower risk.

Professor Sues Religious University After Allegedly Being Fired For Getting Pregnant

A former professor at Northwest Christian University in Oregon is suing the school for allegedly firing her for being pregnant and unmarried, violating the faith-based values of the institution. She says it's discrimination.

A Kindergartener's Year In A Mandarin-Immersion School

Starting kindergarten can be scary. So imagine if your parents sent you to a school where they teach most of the day in another language, like Mandarin Chinese.