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Proposal Would End Football At University Of Alabama-Birmingham

Alabama is a state known for its college football. But a move to scuttle the football program at the state university in Birmingham is drawing fire from fans, students and athletes alike.

UVA President Announces More Changes In Wake Of Sexual Assault Coverage

The president of the University of Virginia abruptly canceled a planned appearance Monday at the National Press Club amid controversy surrounding the issue of rape at the elite university. Instead, Teresa Sullivan laid out what she and other university officials plan to do going forward.

Among Dartmouth's Lathes And Saws, Lessons In Creativity

In a woodshop on the Ivy League campus, Dudley Whitney shapes blocks of wood ... and the lives of his students.

St. Louis Schools To Reopen After Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

Renee Montagne talks to Kevin Grawer, principal of Maplewood Richmond Heights High School, and senior Jazmen Bell, about their efforts to diffuse racial tension and how Ferguson has affected them.

Teach For America At 25: With Maturity, New Pressure To Change

Now a fixture on the education landscape, TFA faces new challenges — from inside and out.

Why Colleges Adjudicate Their Own Campus Crimes

Colleges are under scrutiny for bungling recent sexual assault cases. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks to correspondent Tovia Smith about why schools and not police typically handle these cases.

The History of Campus Sexual Assault

Sixty years of research on campus rape yields scholarly insight into prevention and accountability.

What Every School Can Learn From Preschools

A new report argues that non-academic "skills for success" can and should be cultivated and assessed in older students.

Talking (Very Frankly) About Sex On Campus

Sex Week events are designed to foster an open, healthy discussion about sex.
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Virginia To Reconsider Standardized Tests

A Virginia committee has laid out 12 ways that schools in the commonwealth can move away from teaching to the test.