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Are Single-Sex Classrooms Better For Kids?

Parents and educators have debated single-sex education for years, and the number of schools offering single gender classes has grown. But some researchers argue there is no evidence that boys and girls learn differently — and that gender separation can perpetuate sexist stereotypes.

In Miami, School Aims For 'Biliterate' Education

At Coral Way, the children of political refugees fleeing Cuba in the 1960s were not only expected to learn English, but also expected to remain fluent in Spanish and hold on to their culture. Today's students can read, speak and write in both languages.
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Perceptions Of DCPS Improve, But Not Reality

A recent survey of students and parents by the D.C. Public Schools showed some disconnect between perceptions and reality.

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Maryland Teacher Cleared Of Choking Charges

The Montgomery County teacher accused of assaulting her students has been acquitted on all seven charges of second-degree assault.

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Public Weighs In On UMD-UMB Merger

A proposal has been made to merge the University of Maryland, College Park and the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and the public gets its chance to weigh in Friday.


Big Bucks Compromising Athletes' Education?

The president of the NCAA is meeting with the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics on Monday. Commission Co-Chair Brit Kirwan tells Michel Martin that efforts to commercialize college sports have generated enormous revenues, and that is endangering the integrity of higher education. He adds that a large portion of that money is going into coaches' salaries.

Senate Kills Pared-Back $35 Billion Jobs Bill

President Obama first called on Congress to pass his whole jobs bill. When that failed, he started calling on lawmakers to pass it piece by piece. The measure rejected by the Senate Thursday night was aimed at helping state and local governments avoid laying off teachers and firefighters.

School Debt A Long-Term Burden For Many Graduates

As the nation's student-loan debt climbs toward $1 trillion, many students face 20-year repayment plans. The average debt is $24,000, but some owe far more and say this burden influences life decisions, from buying a house to whether to have children.