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D.C. To Crack Down On School Residency Fraud

With their own budget problems to worry about, D.C. schools are looking to identify out-of-state students whose parents enroll them in D.C. schools without paying any taxes.

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Fairfax County Considers Security Cameras For Schools

Big brother or safety boon? Fairfax County schools are considering putting security cameras inside schools to discourage rule-breaking.


Ala. Immigration Law Worries Latino Parents

With a tough immigration law in effect in Alabama, worried Hispanic parents are meeting with school officials. They fear for themselves and their children.
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Va. Budget Surplus Obscuring Hidden Deficit?


Virginia's governor is boasting of a big budget surplus after big cuts to education this year -- but some question whether it will last through next year.

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Maryland Governor Urges Students To Fight Bullying

Katie O'Malley making PSA in youtube video

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and First Lady Katie O'Malley will appear at Arundel High School today to encouarge students, parents, and educators to fight bullying in and out of schools.

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Md. Liquor Tax Starts Funding School Projects

The Maryland Department of Public Works gave the go ahead yesterday for $18 million in projects for schools to be funded by revenues from several counties' new alcohol taxes. 

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Schools Try To Improve Pedestrian Safety

Superintendent walking across street with students

About one-third of the students who go to public school in Montgomery County walk to class every day. It's a number school officials and county leaders would like to see increase, but they face an uphill battle, considering it isn't always safe to be a pedestrian in the county.


Supreme Court Considers Disabilities Act Dispute

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday in a case that asks whether teachers in religious schools are exempt from civil rights laws. The court's eventual decision will have profound implications for the nation's religious institutions and the people who work in them.

USDA Wants To Limit Potatoes In School Lunches

The Agriculture Department plans to limit potato consumption among schoolchildren to two servings a week. But politicians and farmers in potato-growing states such as Maine say the spud is being unfairly targeted. As it turns out, schoolchildren have strong opinions about potatoes too.

Thieves Scam Aid From Online Education Sites

The Department of Education says that as distance learning has grown so has fraud. An inspector general's report found that scam artists are taking advantage of the popularity of online education to steal federal education money.