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Online School Helps Grown-Ups Finish College

Western Governors University is an online school that uses personal mentors to help adult students finish their college degrees at an affordable price. After 15 years in existence, the model finally seems to be catching on.
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Racial Disparities In Higher Education Target Of Suit

A group out of Baltimore, Md. has filed a suit alleging that policies stemming from the days of segregation continue to hamper higher education at traditionall black universities.

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Wellness Incentives Pay Off For Washington & Lee

The fitness program at Washington & Lee University is yielding benefits for the school's bottom line as well as their collective waist line.


Physicists Seek To Lose The Lecture As Teaching Tool

Lecturing has never been an effective teaching technique, and now that information is everywhere some say it's a waste of time. Now, physicists have the data to prove it. But efforts to lose the lecture encounter resistance — sometimes from students.

An Amazing Trickeration?: Banished Words For 2012

At Lake Superior State University, college officials have been releasing a list of banished words since 1976. Words that you're not allowed to say this year include "baby bump" and "occupy." It's a list destined to receive some "blowback."

How To Fix College Sports

Joe Nocera is among critics who say that college athletics are an exploitative system. In a business that takes in $6 billion in revenue annually, should players get compensation beyond their scholarships? Nocera talks with guest host Jacki Lyden about his plan to make things right.

Big Education Grants Threatened By Teacher Spats

Teachers and school districts say they agree better teacher evaluations are needed, but they can't agree on the details. Disputes in Hawaii and New York could lead to revocation of lucrative federal grants and also force the Department of Education to take aggressive action.