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Fallout Continues In L.A. School's Lewd Photo Scandal

A second teacher has been removed from Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles as part of an investigation into lewd photos. One teacher has already been charged with lewd conduct with 23 students.

Prison Meal Deal: Where The Staff Serves Lunch ... And Time

At the Fife and Drum Restaurant, located in a Massachusetts minimum-security prison, inmates learn to cook and wait tables. Regulars praise the tasty lunches served up at bargain prices. Prison officials say such job training reduces the chances prisoners will re-offend.

Las Vegas Principal Hopes To Beat The Odds

Nevada has the lowest high school graduation rate in the country. But now a multi-million dollar federal grant is helping one district turn its schools around. Host Michel Martin speaks with a principal who spent last Saturday knocking on the doors of students who dropped out, encouraging them to come back to school.
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Montgomery County Teacher Accused Of Sex With Student

A 47-year-old teacher and coach in Montgomery County is being accused of having sex with a 16-year-old student.

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Why Kids Drop Out: Identifying The Early Warning Signs

Students drop out of school for a complex combination of reasons, making it difficult for teachers to identify any one cause. What educators have been able to narrow down are the most frequent early indicators that a student might someday drop out of school, and they apply these daily to try to combat the dropout crisis.   

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PHOTOS: Why Students Drop Out

Teachers at schools like Turner at Green Elementary in Southeast D.C. try to instill in young students that they can grow up to achieve their goals. However, the reality is many public school students in D.C. will not graduate. Educators and researchers are now working to identify the early warning signs that a student may eventually drop out, and address those issues at an early age.  

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Student Sexually Assaulted At SE Elementary School

Ketcham Elementary School in Southeast D.C. is on alert after a student reported being sexually assaulted by a man on Wednesday.