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States Hope For Relief With 'No Child' Waivers

Six months ago, President Obama directed his secretary of education to give waivers to states seeking much-needed relief from the federal education mandates prescribed under No Child Left Behind. On Thursday, they granted them to ten. But how much flexibility is the president really willing to give and what is he asking in return?

Over Bowls Of Soup, Donors Find Recipe For Change

You don't have to have big bucks to join the latest trend in philanthropy. Soup groups around the country let diners pool their money to support deserving local initiatives. In Philadelphia, one dinner raised $225 for a teacher's class project.
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American Graduate: Experts Examine The Risk Factors For Dropping Out

In the third part of our American Graduate series, we find out why researchers say they can predict as early as the third grade whether a student will graduate from high school.

AP: First 10 States Granted Waivers From 'No Child Left Behind'

The administration announced last year that states can apply to be exempt from some No Child requirements. The first 10, AP says, are Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Tennessee.
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Maryland Students Top Nation In AP Pass Rate

Students in Maryland are top in the nation in terms of the number who have passed Advanced Placement exams by the time they graduate high school.


Detroit Schools' No. 1 Mission: Getting Kids To Class

Dismal attendance rates have put Detroit Public Schools at risk of losing vital state funding, so the city has launched an assault on truancy. Attendance agent George Eason says, "If we see that the parent is willfully ... not sending the child to school, then we will take every means necessary to enforce the law."