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VIDEO: Joining Forces To Make It Happen

Through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's American Graduate initiative, WAMU, WETA, and WHUT are teaming up with educators, parents, students, and others in the community to raise awareness of the dropout crisis and motivate everyone to start doing something about it.

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D.C. To Lure Top Teachers To Underperforming Classrooms

Teacher quality is one of the primary indicators of student success -- so the D.C. Council is pushing for incentives to get the District's best teachers in its worst-performing classrooms.

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Virginia Father Fights For More Communication Between Schools, Parents

A father in Fairfax County is pushing for legislation that would require school administrators to involve parents before questioning students for serious violations of the rules.

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Number Of Homeless Students Skyrockets In Maryland

The number of homeless students in Maryland has doubled in just the last five years.


Stanford Takes Online Schooling To The Next Academic Level

Last semester, Stanford University professors tried something radically new: They opened their classes to the world for free. Within hours, thousands had signed up to participate. The classes' success could transform the way we look at higher education.
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Breaking The Cycle When Dropping Out Runs In The Family

Saundra Walker, one of four generations of people in her family to drop out of high school, remembers feeling powerless and angry to stop history from repeating itself as her kids dropped out. At 58, she's going back to get her GED diploma -- but she wonders, will things be any different for the next generation?

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Principal Suspends Students Caught Drinking From Activities

A high school principal in Montgomery County is levying punishments against students cited for underage drinking, despite objections that the school shouldn't be involved at all.