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St. Mary's Students Leave Cruise Ship Dorm

A group of St. Mary's College students who took residence for a semester in a cruise ship bid bon voyage to their old home, after the school successfully cleaned up the dorms from which they were originally displaced.


Decades Later, Did Those Scholarships Pay Off?

In 1988, a group of Maryland fifth-graders received college scholarships from two philanthropists. Now those students are in their 30s and their lives are chronicled in The Washington Post magazine. Host Michel Martin speaks with reporter Paul Schwartzman and one of those students about how the scholarship affected their lives.

A White Writer Gives Advice To A 'Poor Black Kid'

Writer Gene Marks caused a ruckus online with his recent blog post offering advice on how poor back children can succeed in life. He drew a great deal of criticism, including a sharp response from author and blogger Baratunde Thurston of The Onion. Host Michel Martin speaks with Thurston about the controversy.

Penn State Officials Face Trial In Sex Abuse Case

Accused of trying to cover up Penn State's child sex abuse scandal, two former administrators will face a trial on perjury charges. A judge made that decision at a preliminary hearing on Friday, as NPR's Jeff Brady reports. Warning: This segment contains language that may not be suitable for all audiences.
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New GMU President Brings Global Perspective

George Mason University has named Angel Cabrera, a native of Spain and former head of a private graduate school in Ariz., as its next president.


Military Tuition Assistance Rules May Limit Options

In January, colleges and universities will have to sign a special memorandum before they can receive tuition assistance for active members of the military who enroll in their programs. But some schools have declined to sign the memo because of its requirements. Military advocates have asked Defense Department officials to put the new rules on hold.