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Too Much GI Bill Money Going To For-Profit Schools?

The nation's for-profit colleges and universities received more than $1 billion in benefits from the Post-Sept. 11 GI Bill in the last year alone. But some say the for-profit schools aren't policed well enough — which creates an opening for abuses — and their dropout rates are too high.
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Teen Pregnancies Up In Montgomery County

teen pregnancy

Teen pregnancies in Montgomery County are on the rise, especially within the Latino community.

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Va. Approves Corrected History Textbooks

Virginia has approved revised versions of history textbooks that were riddled with factual errors in their initial submission, despite the continued concerns of residents.

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Va. Council: Private University Students Need Help


The Va. Council of Education voted to increase funding for a program that provides aids to students at private universities.

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Pioneer Program Battles Transgender Discrimination

Transgender women at desk with instructor

A new D.C. program seeks to help transgender residents overcome the workplace discrimination that often drives them to live on the street.


Parents Fight Over Pledging Allegiance In Schools

In Brookline, Mass., residents disagree over whether the Pledge of Allegiance should be announced over the intercom in the schools. Even though reciting the pledge is voluntary, one resident says the kids are unfairly subjected to peer pressure to conform, while another says that peer pressure teaches children how to cope.

And Then There Were 8? Big 12 In Jeopardy

The Big 12, an athletic conference composed of 10 colleges from the Central U.S., may soon need to rebrand itself as the Big 8. The possible departure of two of its members — Texas A&M and the University of Oklahoma — may destabilize not only the Big 12, but also the college football landscape.

Nashville Schools Rock Music Education

When many public schools are cutting back on arts education, schools in Nashville are expanding their music departments and offering classes in country, rock and rap. Host Scott Simon reflects.

Shrinking Budgets Put School Support On The Block

Across the country, a group of education administrators, known as regional superintendents, are seeing their budgets shrink. These administrators are involved in providing services like teacher certification and other support for school districts. In Illinois, the state's 44 regional superintendents have been working without pay since the governor zeroed out their funding in July. Maria Altman of St. Louis Public Radio reports that the issue of whether or not these officials are needed at all is coming to a head.