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Higher Dropout Age May Not Lead To More Diplomas

In his State of the Union address, President Obama called on every state to require students to stay in school until they graduate or turn 18. But unimpressive results in states that already have that requirement raise questions about how effective the initiative would really be.

Obama Stresses Importance Of College Affordability

President Obama told students in Michigan that their universities should stop raising tuition so much faster than the rate of inflation.

College Presidents Have Problems With Obama's Message On Tuition

The president says he's putting colleges "on notice" about tuition hikes. College officials say the White House shouldn't be prescribing how schools cut costs.
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The Past, Present And Future Of A School Founded By African Americans

A school founded by free blacks and former slaves in 1858 is continuing to thrive, even as other Catholic schools in the District close.


Kids Have A Say In Louisville's School Lunch Menu

New guidelines announced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Wednesday call for less fat and more fruits in school lunches. In Louisville, Kentucky, the Jefferson County School District lets students evaluate its healthy food offerings.
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Microsoft Partners With D.C. For 'Digital Alliance'

The District of Columbia and Microsoft are partnering up to offer technology training to local unemployed residents, as well as offering resources to schools and local businesses.

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Bill Would Nix Sales Tax On Textbooks

Citing the burden placed on Maryland students and competition from online retailers, Maryland legislators are considering waiving the sales tax on textbooks.

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UMD Officials Warn Students To Behave After Game

Officials from the University of Maryland are warning students that there will be consequences if there is another riot after tonight's basketball game against Duke University.