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Universities Compete For NYC Grant

Universities are competing to get a New York City grant to build a science and engineering graduate school on Roosevelt Island in the East River. Cornell and Stanford are among the contenders — and have emerged as favorites. Robert Siegel talks to Daniel Massey, who has written about this for Crain's New York Business.

'The Learning': Social Costs Of Teaching Abroad

In the new film The Learning, four teachers leave their close families in the Philippines to work in Baltimore, where wages are up to 25 times higher than what's offered at home. They persist to overcome cultural differences, bring order to classrooms and form meaningful bonds with American students. The film reflects a shift in education — a century ago, Americans set up schools in the Philippines, but U.S. has now been recruiting Filipinos to teach in the states. Michel Martin hears from director Ramona Diaz.

'The Learning': Foreign Teachers, U.S. Classrooms

For years, American schools have recruited schoolteachers from the Philippines. In a new documentary called, The Learning, filmmaker Ramona Diaz follows four of those teachers on their journey from the Philippines to classrooms in Baltimore.
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Va. Senators Aim To Expand Historic Schools Program

A bill in Congress would expand an historic schools renovation program, but some Virginia school officials say it needs to be easier to get school buildings declared historic in the first place.

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T.C. Williams Students Use Design To Help Disabled Teacher

Engineering students in Alexandria are designing ways to make things easier for disabled people -- especially one teacher close to home.


College Students Join Occupy Wall Street Protests

Students at more than 100 colleges across the country rallied Thursday to show solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Demonstrators, both on and off campus, are voicing increasing frustration with the high cost of college, mounting student debt loads and the lousy job market for recent graduates.
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Former UVA President, First Amendment Advocate Bob O'Neil Retires

bob oneil

The University of Virginia Law School and free speech advocates around the state will pay homage to Bob O'Neil, a steadfast defender of the first amendment.

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WTU Will Look For Changes In New Teachers' Contract

D.C. Public Schools officials and the Washington Teachers' Union will begin negotiations on a new teachers contract next week. They have about a year to work out the deal before the current contract expires.

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Baltimore Co. Seeks Schools Superintendent

Baltimore County is on the hunt for a new schools superintendent, after current superintendent Dr. Joe Hairston announced he would retire after 12 years in the position.