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Claremont McKenna Admits Inflating SAT Scores

Officials at Claremont McKenna College announced Wednesday that the school submitted inflated SAT scores for several years to publications such U.S. News and World Report to boost its rankings. Claremont McKenna is ranked among the top 10 liberal arts colleges by U.S. News and has recently seen an upswing in popularity among applicants.
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How Many Students Really Graduate From High School?

Calculating graduation and dropout rates for high schools is complicated, and until now there has been no consensus on how to do so. Under new federal guidelines, schools in all states must use the same method -- and the shift is bringing out statistics that, in some cases, present the first real comparison of the dropout crisis nationwide. 

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VIDEO: Talking With District Residents About The Dropout Rate

Here's what a sampling of D.C. residents had to say about the city's dropout crisis. Many of them thought they knew the scope of the problem, and several were shocked to hear that the graduation rate is actually far lower than they expected -- and than D.C. has reported in the past.


Dropout Has Thanks, Not Blame, For Teacher

Roger Alvarez dropped out of high school despite the efforts of his English teacher, Antero Garcia. "You were determined to help me, but what was I willing to give? I could have actually tried," Alvarez says.

Higher Dropout Age May Not Lead To More Diplomas

In his State of the Union address, President Obama called on every state to require students to stay in school until they graduate or turn 18. But unimpressive results in states that already have that requirement raise questions about how effective the initiative would really be.

Obama Stresses Importance Of College Affordability

President Obama told students in Michigan that their universities should stop raising tuition so much faster than the rate of inflation.