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DCPS' Kaya Henderson Drops 'Interim' From Title

Kaya Henderson has accepted the top job in DC's public school system. She sat down with WAMU's Kavitha Cardoza to talk about what the community can expect from her.

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D.C. School Teaches Real-World Hospitality

Millions of visitors come to the D.C. area every year. And they interact with tens of thousands of employees of the hospitality industry. One public charter school in Northwest is trying to connect the classroom to the real world -- by training students to welcome visitors.

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Amendment Could Reduce Tuition For Undocumented Students

In Maryland, a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to pay lower, in-state tuition rates is being altered Wednesday to require students to first attend a community college in the jurisdiction where they went to high school.

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Mayor Names D.C. Schools Chancellor

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray is officially naming Kaya Henderson chancellor for the District's public schools. She has been serving on an interim basis since October.

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Public Schools Get More Funds; DCPS Still Looks At Shortfall

D.C. Public Schools, including traditional and charter schools, will receive $76 million more than expected; the bulk of the surplus money from an increase in District revenue. And while this will help stave off some cuts, school officials say there will still be some hard choices to make.

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Teaching A Changing Middle East

As protests sweep through the Middle East and North Africa, students at area schools have been hungry for information about the rapidly-changing region. Some teachers are retooling their lesson plans to incorporate current events.