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A Decade Later, Bouncing Back From 9/11

The 9/11 attacks changed everything for the U.S., from politics, to culture, to the lives of individual people. For one area woman, it's taken a whole decade to get her life back on track.

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Va. Public Sports May Soon Extend To Home-Schooled Students

A Virginia educational panel is considering legislation that would give home-schooled students access to public sports.

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DCPS Makes Changes to Teacher Evaluations

D.C. School Bush

D.C.'s Public School officials continue to refine the teacher evaluation system known as IMPACT since it was introduced two years ago.


Seeking A Stage, Western Opera Singers Try China

Hao Jiang Tian left China 30 years ago to be an opera star in the West. Now he's back in Beijing with a new dream: teaching Western singers the opera of his home country.
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New Montgomery Co. Superintendent Meets Community Tuesday Night

The new public school superintendent of Montgomery County, Md. is holding a series of town-hall type sessions with members of the community, the first taking place Tuesday night.


Wis. Senator Against Collective Bargaining For Teachers

Republican State Senator Glenn Grothman sits on Wisconsin's Education Committee and supports the bill that limited collective bargaining rights for public workers in his state. He says teachers are more upset than others about the bill, but some teachers are elated. He speaks with guest host Jacki Lyden.

Teachers Distressed Over Wis. Collective Bargaining

As students head back to school, some unionized teachers in Wisconsin are saying they're not being well respected as workers. The state's legislature passed a law in March stripping public workers of most of their collective bargaining rights. Fifth grade teacher Hedy Eischeid says losing these rights negatively affects the quality of teaching, and she expects constant changes for the Fond du Lac school district where she works. Eischeid speaks with guest host Jacki Lyden.
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Enrollments Sky High In Northern Va. Schools


Northern Virginia school districts are seeing record-high enrollments for the 2011 school year, which starts today.

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All-Day Kindergarten, Now At All Fairfax Schools

For the first time, a new school year will mean all-day kindergarten for all first-year students in Fairfax County Public Schools