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Looming Loans & Scary Stats: A Student Loan Debt "Bubble" ?

Nearly fifteen percent of borrowers defaulted on student loan debts last year. With total student loan debt over $850 billion last year, how will rising defaults impact our economy? The forecast isn't good; but it also isn't as bleak as you might think...


In Bullying Programs, A Call For Bystanders To Act

A growing number of anti-bullying programs have emerged in recent years, and the focus of many has shifted from stopping bullies to encouraging bystanders to act. But in an industry where anyone can peddle virtually any kind of program, initiatives vary in their quality and effectiveness.
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Truancy Court Program In Montgomery County In Jeopardy

A program in Montgomery County that pairs chronically-truant middle school students with judges from Silver Spring is facing a bit of a crisis as funding from a federal grant runs out this year.

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American Graduate: Giving Students A Second Chance

In the final part of our American Graduate series, we visit a "second chance" school designed to help kids who've already dropped out.
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O'Malley Pushes School Breakfasts To Maryland Principals

Maryland governor Martin O'Malley played host to 60 school principals from the state Wednesday morning to push a program that provides low-cost or free meals to children from low-income families.

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The Impacts Of The High School Dropout Crisis

The economic prospects of the District could be greatly increased if more of its students graduated from high school, studies show. To help address the dropout problem, several schools in the city are working to give dropouts a second -- and maybe their last -- chance at graduation.


A Teacher's Ultimatum Drives Student's Success

In high school, Raul Bravo asked himself whether it was worth getting a diploma. Friends were making fast money drug dealing, and four years seemed like a long time. But then his automotive teacher told him he had a decision to make.

Fla. Students 'Making A Stand' For Slain Classmate

Trayvon Martin's parents asked his Miami school not to announce his death, but Wednesday, almost a month later, the school held a moment of silence. Two days later, students rallied together, walking out of class with calls for justice, and planning for more acts of solidarity.

A Lesson In Sprockets Takes Students On A Trip

An artist-turned-teacher from a military family is teaching middle-schoolers to build bikes from scratch. For students who weren't thriving in a traditional classroom, the program provides a burst of insight into the value of hard work and new adventures.