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Commentary: D.C. Students Need International Perspectives

Conversations about education these days often focus on test scores -- in math and reading in particular. But Commentator Eddie Mandhry says students in D.C. need more engagement with international affairs.

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Jury Finds Virginia Tech Negligent For '07 Shootings

A jury has found Virginia Tech negligent for delaying a campus warning ahead of the massacre in 2007, during which more than 30 students were killed.


Film Aimed At Getting Bystanders To 'Speak Up'

As many as a quarter of U.S. students report being a victim of bullying. This Sunday, the Cartoon Network will air Speak Up, a new documentary that shares the stories of victims. Host Michel Martin speaks with bullying expert Duane Thomas and Aaron Cheese, a student featured in the film.

Spanking Lives On In Rural Florida Schools

In parts of Florida and around the country, paddling kids who misbehave is considered traditional discipline — and schools are the only public institution where that's allowed. But parents don't always get a say in whether their kids can be disciplined with spankings.
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Maryland Students Create Award-Winning Video On Teen Dating Violence

In Maryland, four students at a Germantown school have won an award for producing an online video recognizing National Teen Dating Violence Month.

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Maryland Students Suspended For Trying To Organize Walkout

Students at Northwestern High School in Prince George's County organized a walkout to protest what they say are unsanitary conditions, but the school's principal squashed the effort before it started.


Black Students More Likely To Be Disciplined

A Department of Education study found from 2009 to 2010, black students were 3 1/2 times more likely to be suspended or expelled than white ones. Though the reasons are unclear, many argue harsher punishments push many black and Latino students out of schools and into the criminal justice system.

Indiana School Teaches Test Prep As Literary Genre

Teachers often prepare their students in advance of standardized testing by getting them ready for what is expected to be on the exam. One school in Indiana has a course helping students learn how to take the test.
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Fairfax Considers Additional Cuts To Libraries

Libraries across Fairfax County have had to slash hours and programs to get by over the past five years, and despite increased demand, more cuts may be on the way.