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Transgender High School Student Responds To White House Guidelines

NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Gavin Grimm, a Virginia high school student, who fought his school district to win the right to use the boy's bathroom, after the district limited bathroom use by "biological gender."

Survey Raises Concerns About Non-English Speaking Students

A new survey of school administrators points to growing concerns about the future of non-English speaking students.

How Schools Around The Country Are Treating Transgender Student Rights

Some states and districts are ahead of the recommendations announced today by the Obama Administration. Some are in conflict.

Here's Exactly What The Administration Is Saying About Transgender Students

The Education and Justice departments have given schools guidance about prom, sports, privacy and more.

Reaction To White House Directive On Transgender Bathrooms

The Obama administration says schools must allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. David Greene talks to Matt Sharp of the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Principal Weighs In On Obama Directive On Transgender Bathrooms

The directive to public schools says transgender students should use the gender bathroom they identify with. Renee Montagne talks to Jayne Ellspermann, principal of West Port High School in Florida.

White House Sends Schools Guidance On Transgender Access To Bathrooms

The administration says it authored the notice because "many parents, schools and districts have raised questions about this area of civil rights law."

A Stanford Family: Groundskeeper Dad Cultivates His Son's Classroom Dream

They both went to the prestigious school — though for different reasons. Frankie attended undergrad there, but it was his father, the school's groundskeeper, who inspired him to pursue that education.
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Early Literacy Crucial For Students — Especially For English Language Learners

Getting any early grasp on academic language — even in a language other than English — is crucial for the development of language skills in school, according to a new Education Week report.


As Feds Crack Down On For-Profit College, A Founder Heads To Prison For Fraud

FastTrain, a for-profit school in Florida, collected some $35 million in student loans and federal financial aid and used deceptive advertising and pressure tactics to recruit students.