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Hogan Takes The Long View On Baltimore, Urges Public To Get Started Now

"It's going to take a while to get people back into the city. We're encouraging them, we believe the city is safe. We want to get people in here to spend money and go out to dinner," the governor says.


AltSchool Promises To Reimagine Education For the 2030s

One of the hottest new startups in the Bay Area is a school. The AltSchool was founded by a former Google engineer and he's raised $100 million to build these for-profit microschools.

Las Vegas: Betting On New Teachers But Coming Up Short

The crowded and fast-growing district is facing a severe teacher shortage.

What Happens In Vegas Includes Crowded, Struggling Schools

Teachers, students and administrators are stretched thin by serious overcrowding. The city could add 32 schools tomorrow and every one would be filled to capacity.
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Maryland Democrats Pressure Gov. Hogan On Education Spending

The General Assembly has been adjourned for almost a month, but Democrats in Maryland are still pressuring Republican Gov. Larry Hogan to release funding for public education.

Ladies In The Streets: Before Stonewall, Transgender Uprising Changed Lives

The June 1969 Stonewall riots in New York sparked the gay rights movement. But three years earlier, unrest in San Francisco marked the transgender community's public debut in the rights struggle.

The Civics Teacher Who Turned His Arrest Into A Classroom Lesson

One Pittsburgh middle school teacher is giving his black students a valuable education in social studies — and life.

Montana Offers A Boost To Native Language Immersion Programs

Montana, home to nine Native American languages, becomes the second state to fund indigenous language immersion programs in public schools. The same languages were once forbidden in many schools.

Grade-Skippers: Where Are They Now?

Earlier this week, we reported on "acceleration": jumping ahead by either skipping a grade or entering kindergarten early. We asked if any of you had done it ... and how it all turned out.

Beyond The Headlines, There's Much More To West Baltimore

At one intersection this week, violence was thoroughly documented. But the cameras missed the treasured public library that for years has educated and entertained the neighborhood's kids.