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With New Facility And New Principal, Can Jefferson-Houston Turn A Corner?

The troubled Jefferson-Houston School in Alexandria has been a revolving door for administrators for the last decade, but there is hope now that with a new building and new principal, the ship can be righted.


College Offers Program In Fixing High-Tech Cars

As cars become more computerized, they require more technical expertise to fix. This week, a community college in North Carolina opened a technology center to offer that kind of training.

Views Of College Greek Life, From Inside And Out

The U.Va. scandal this fall shone a bright light on fraternities. Some schools responded by changing their policies. Hear two perspectives on Greek life.

Pregame Analysis: The Coming Federal Education Debate

So, what to expect if Congress takes up the long-overdue rewrite of the main federal education law? We talk to some of the players.

UNCF CEO: Obama's Community College Plan A 'Blunt Instrument'

Robert Siegel speaks with UNCF (formerly the United Negro College Fund) CEO Dr. Michael Lomax about President Obama's recent announcement to make community college free for all Americans.

Harvard Bans Sexual Relationships Between Professors And Students

Last year, Harvard was among dozens of schools the Department of Education said it's investigating for how they handle sexual abuse allegations.
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Capitol Hill: Politics, Partisanship And... Parenting?

A neighborhood once known for singles, couples and dogs is fast becoming a 'babypalooza.' The group Mothers on the Hill help explain how that came to be.


These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Teachers

In our 50 Great Teachers project, we're telling stories of great teachers. Here are some from our own lives.
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Charter School Expansion Advances In Virginia Assembly

The state Senate passed a proposed amendment to Virginia's constitution that would make it easier to establish charter schools.

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D.C. Council Moves To Ban Suspension Of Pre-K Students

As many as 180 Pre-K students were suspended in the last school year for which data is available. D.C.'s lawmakers are supporting a bill to put a stop to the practice.