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Vindication For Fidgeters: Movement May Help Students With ADHD Concentrate

There's a correlation between physical movement and mental work, new research suggests. For kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, that may mean bouncing a knee helps sharpen their focus.
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Biliterate D.C. Students Now Can Get A Special Seal On Their Diplomas

Beginning this year, juniors and seniors who can demonstrate a proficiency in foreign languages acquired through immersion or advanced placement classes can apply for the seal.

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College Isn't For Everybody, Latino Activists Tell Montgomery County Schools

Programs that offer technical and career training should be expanded to better serve the county's growing population of Latino students, the activists argue.


A Key Researcher Says 'Grit' Isn't Ready For High-Stakes Measures

Angela Duckworth worries that when it comes to measuring students' resilience, education policy may be getting ahead of science.

University Of Virginia Dean Sues 'Rolling Stone' Over Discredited Rape Article

U.Va.'s dean of students says the article portrayed her as the "chief villain of the story." She's suing the magazine and the author for $7.85 million.

The Future Of Education: Truths, Lies And Wishful Thinking

Video games will not save education and other misconceptions about where schools are headed.

Preschool By State: Who's Spending And What's It Buying?

A national report on state-funded pre-K sends a few mixed messages: Enrollment and funding are up ... but in many places still remarkably low.

The Best Commencement Speeches, Ever

The month of May brings flowers, Mother's Day and graduations. Bring on those commencement speeches.

After Campus Suicides, Building Community With A Simple Statement

After two of her classmates took their lives, MIT freshman Isabel "Izzy" Lloyd made wristbands to promote compassionate outreach on campus. The white bands say TMAYD, for Tell Me About Your Day.

Gratitude, Disbelief, Optimism: Howard Students On Graduation Day

The Howard Project participants talk about graduating, or not, this weekend — and also describe what it has been like to hear their feelings about their college experience broadcast over the radio.