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Free Online Courses - Higher Ed of the Future?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University recently announced they're teaming up to offer free online courses. A handful of other prestigious universities and star professors are doing the same through sites like...


Hazing Hard To Prosecute In Fla. Despite Tough Laws

The culture of hazing is back in the national spotlight after charges were filed against 13 people in connection with the hazing death of a Florida A&M University student. Florida has one of the toughest anti-hazing laws in the country, but legal experts say prosecuting the crime is tricky.
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TED Radio Hour: Our Buggy Brain

In this episode, "Our Buggy Brain," host Alison Stewart talks with Dan Ariely, Paul Bloom and Dan Gilbert about how our minds inform and sometimes deceive us.

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Q&A: Education Reporter Kavitha Cardoza On American Graduate Series

WAMU 88.5 education reporter Kavitha Cardoza talks about the dropout crisis in the U.S. and about what she learned through the months of reporting she did for the American Graduate series.

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Damascus Grad Targets Drug Abuse At His Alma Mater

A Damascus High alum has formed a new group to help combat the rising tide of drug abuse in the school and the surrounding town.


13 Charged In Florida A&M Hazing Case

Prosecutors have filed charges against 13 people allegedly involved in the hazing death of Florida A&M University drum major Robert Champion. The band was suspended immediately after Champion's death in November.

For College Seniors, One Last Lap Before Graduation

Requiring students to pass a swimming test to graduate was once a widespread tradition. Today, only a handful of colleges still require the exams. Some schools are trying to persuade procrastinators to put the test behind them long before their last college semester.

Top Universities Expand Free Online Classes

Harvard and MIT are moving ambitiously into online education, jointly offering free classes to anyone in the world who wants to take them. The courses will include video lessons, quizzes and instant feedback. Online instruction has had a mixed track record, but the universities hope evolving technology will make it a powerful new tool to expand educational opportunities worldwide.