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Obama's Back-To-School Speech Inspires Area Students

president obama

Students from Benjamin Banneker High School in NW D.C. offer their reactions to President Obama's "Back to School" speech delivered there Wednesday.


Obama Delivers Back-To-School Speech

President Obama delivered his annual back-to-school speech at Benjamin Banneker High School, one of Washington, D.C.'s top performing schools.
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Principal Resigns After 'Banana Man' Protest

The principal that suspended a student for running across the football field wearing a banana costume in Fairfax County has resigned. 

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One In 10 DCPS Middle Schoolers Say They've Attempted Suicide

empty desks

D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson presented the D.C. Council with some startling statistics about the city's middle school population Sept. 27. 

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Graduates Rack Up More Student Loan Debt

With a college education getting more expensive and the economy stalling, many students now find themselves trapped in debt, unable to find the job they thought would pay off their loans.

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Two Injured In UMD Chemical Explosion

hazmat team, umd explosion

Two University of Maryland students were injured Monday in what is being described as a minor chemical explosion in a campus chemistry lab.


No Child Left Behind: 'Revolutionary,' Controversial Idea

President Obama recently announced big changes to the Bush-era education law. Steve Perry, principal of Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut, says the law is still a good idea, and it made his teachers pay attention to all students. Author Peg Tyre says the law focused the nation on the achievement gap but turned many schools into "test prep factories." Both speak with guest host Jacki Lyden.

For States, More Flexibility In Education Policies

Many public school systems chafed under No Child Left Behind, the Bush-era law requiring states to closely monitor student achievement and conduct more regular testing. President Obama announced Friday that states can now qualify for exemptions from some of the law's key requirements. Guest host Jacki Lyden discusses the changes with Education Week Staff Writer Alyson Klein.